candied orange rinds dipped in dark chocolate

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Author Notes: sweet, tangy, fresh candied orange peel dipped in a luxuriously silky & bitter dark chocolate with just a hint of vanillawhatever's left

Serves 8

  • 7 pieces large, organic oranges
  • 3 pounds sugar
  • 500 milliliters water
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla bean powder
  • 0.83 pounds good quality dark chocolate 80%+
  1. 1. cut the oranges in half & juice them. (fresh orange juice for the whole family!). Using a spoon, scrape out the flesh from the inside of the orange peel, but leave the peel & pith (the white part) intact. Cut the remaining rind into strips of the desired length & thickness. Don’t go too thin with them as you don’t want them to be flimsy.
  2. 2. place the strips into a large pot & fill with cold water until the rinds are covered. Bring the water to a boil & allow to boil for 5 minutes, drain the water. Repeat this step 3 more times (4 times altogether). Strain the rind strips & set aside.
  3. 4. using tongs, remove the strips one by one & place them on a wire cooling rack to dry. Make sure the strips do not touch otherwise they will stick together. Also, place a sheet of parchment under the rack as this will make cleanup easier.
  4. 5. The strips can take between 30 minutes & 3 days to completely dry, this will depend on the temperature outside & the humidity. You want them to be dry before you dip them in chocolate.
  5. 6. Place the chocolate in a double boiler or in the microwave & melt carefully. Once melted, dip the strips one by one & shake gently to remove excess chocolate. Place the dripped strips onto a piece of parchment until cooled & hardened. The quantity of chocolate recommended will dip half the strips.
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