The Elegant Hors d'Oeuvre's Bacon-Wrapped Water Chestnuts

By • January 22, 2013 26 Comments

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Author Notes: Why are they genius? Well, they're delicious. There is always a fight over them, and never one left behind. It's four ingredients (not counting the chutney) and -- like some of the most genius recipes we've seen -- you don't really need a recipe to remember them. Adapted slightly from The Elegant Hors d'Oeuvre by Margon Edney and Ede Grimm (Tofua Press, 1977).Genius Recipes

Serves a crowd

  • Bacon (1/2 slice for each water chestnut)
  • Dijon mustard
  • Brown sugar
  • Water chestnuts
  • Chutney (optional)
  1. Cut bacon strips in half and lay them on a cookie sheet. Scoop some Dijon mustard into a small bowl and brown sugar into another. Spread each bacon slice with mustard, then sprinkle generously with brown sugar. Place a water chestnut on each slice, roll up, and secure with a toothpick. (Tip: If you're short a water chestnut, cut a big one in half!)
  2. To crisp all sides evenly, you can place the bacon-wrapped water chestnuts on a rack set above a baking sheet, but the rack isn't necessary. Bake 20 minutes in a 375°F oven, or until bacon is crisp. You can use the broiler to speed this up -- just watch them closely, and flip them as needed. Serve with a small bowl of chutney for dipping, or just eat them all as is.

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Comments (26) Questions (2)


4 months ago Heather

Easy as promised and delicious. How, though, do you prevent the smoke storm in the oven when the bacon grease drops from rack?


7 months ago Vicki

I've had a variation of these: water chestnut topped with small chunk of pineapple then wrapped in bacon - very good.


7 months ago Linda Gallant



8 months ago robin lewis

still wondering about what kind of chutney works for there...Food52's Provisions has a pair of onion jam and plum chutneys...?


8 months ago Vicki

You can also dip these in pure maple syrup. Sounds bad but tastes great.


9 months ago yemek tarifleri

hmm look delicious, it's like this one thanks for good recipe.


over 1 year ago Cynthia Zimmerman

My mother made these years ago with a little twist, she wrapped the bacon around the water chestnut, cooked as directed. When they where ready we would dip them into sour cream and brown sugar.


over 1 year ago Marilyn L. Flaherty

I grew up with a similar recipe, although my mother's recipe called for soaking the water chestnuts in soy sauce for a time, then rolling in brown sugar,and wrapping in bacon strip and toothpick to fasten. Bake or Broil as described. Fabulous! Pleases all for any occasion. As mother of 6 grown children, my 5 daughters and 1 son have always helped put these together quickly and love the make them. In fact, I shall make 2-3 dozen for our Easter Celebration! Happy Easter, Mimi


over 1 year ago Doug

Try wrapping the bacon around a date and baking it the same way. A taste you will never forget and always come back too for your party.


over 1 year ago robin lewis

any chutney recommendations? chutney's one of a few things i've never bought (let alone made)...


almost 2 years ago dunham

We make something similar: Prunes, stuffed with chèvre, wrapped with bacon. Inspired by a dish at Gitane in San Francisco. (I typically simmer the prunes in a little port to hydrate them, and then use the port to make a sauce to accompany the bacon wrapped prunes and a duck breast.)


almost 2 years ago Bonoca

Anyone make these with turkey bacon? My husband doesn't eat pork and would love to find out if that works.


about 2 years ago Annie stader

If you cannot find good water chestnuts (the canned ones often taste metallic) you can substitute jicama. I found this idea in an obscure Chinese cookbook and the author was appalled at the sorry excuse for water chestnuts she found in this country. I now use jicama almost exclusively if I can't find fresh...they work great.


about 2 years ago Jaki

I love love love these! Somebody make me some and get them over here! ASAP!!!


over 2 years ago MaryDD

I made these for my husbands birthday on Wednesday and they are so tasty! Used canned water chestnuts and didn't bother with the rack, just threw them on a pan. I didn't have chutney either but didn't need it! Thank you for such an easy and tasty appie!


over 2 years ago abatjour

a 50's favorite as i recall. i always use dry mustard - bit of
kick and not so juicy.


over 2 years ago zingyginger

I made this to bring to a friend's Super Bowl party last Sunday. For a package of bacon (15 strips), I used 2/3 of a 12 oz can of water chestnuts. I had some honey mustard, mixed it with dijon mustard and skipped the brown sugar. I didn't have a rack so the bacon ended up cooking in the rendered fat and took 30-35 minutes to crisp. Loved the clean crisp crunch of the water chestnuts contrasting with the smokiness of bacon. Thanks for sharing this recipe!


over 2 years ago Sharon LaMar Kramer

I don't know what regular canned chestnuts are, I've only used canned water chestnuts.


over 2 years ago GIOVANNI50

Can u use regular canned chestnuts instead of water chestnuts?


over 2 years ago Kristen Miglore

Kristen is the Executive Editor of Food52

Interesting question! I've never tried canned chestnuts, so I'm not sure. Are they crunchy or soft?


over 2 years ago GIOVANNI50

Soft crunch. I think better tasting than water chestnuts


over 2 years ago Kristen Miglore

Kristen is the Executive Editor of Food52

Then yes, I think it would be good. Maybe skip the chutney.


over 2 years ago iaa

I used to wrap the bacon around 1/2 slice of chicken liver which had been marinated in soy sauce. I then baked until very crisp. These were the original appetizers called Rumaki.