Spanish Roasted Potato Salad

By • May 26, 2010 • 113 Comments

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Author Notes: A few years ago my sister and her husband invited me to a Spanish restaurant in New Jersey for dinner. I really don’t like leaving the city, but they promised me it was well worth it.

I got my Visa, filled the car with gas and punched in the address into Paula, my GPS navigation device. All I kept thinking was Paula, don’t fail me now! All the food seemed pretty typical, but I had these amazing roasted potatoes that I couldn’t get enough of. I asked the waiter what was in them and the only thing he would tell me was garlic. I asked another waiter and he said Mayonnaise. Hmmmm, my fellow Umbres at this lovely establishment didn’t think I could guess it was a Spanish version of aioli.

Because of global warming, the horrible economy and my total fear of going below 59th street, I’ve been pressed to come up with my own version. - MySocialChef

Food52 Review: A smart play on Spanish patatas bravas -- fried potatoes with a garlic mayonnaise. Instead of frying the potatoes MySocialChef has you roast them, and rather than making your own homemade mayonnaise, you sharpen storebought mayonnaise with lemon juice, Dijon mustard and a whole lot of garlic. You'll breathe fire for days but the suffering you inflict on others is worth it! - A&MThe Editors

Serves 3-4

  • 1 pound pound small Potatoes (white or red)
  • 3 tablespoons Olive Oil
  • 1 1/4 teaspoons Salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon Ground Black Pepper
  • 4 Cloves of Garlic finely chopped
  • 4 tablespoons Mayonnaise
  • 1 tablespoon Lemon Juice
  • 1 teaspoon Dijon Mustard
  1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Cut the potatoes in half or quarters into a bowl. Add 2 tablespoons of the olive oil, 3/4 teaspoon of salt and the pepper. Mix and put on a baking sheet in a single layer. Bake the potatoes for 40 minutes flipping twice during baking. Make sure they turn a nice golden brown. Take out of the oven and allow to cool. In a bowl combine 1/2 teaspoon of salt, 1 tablespoon of olive oil, the chopped garlic, mayonnaise, lemon juice and Dijon mustard. Mix and pour over the cooled potatoes.
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Tags: Easy, potato salad, roast, simple, Spanish

Comments (113) Questions (3)


7 days ago Clover88

Follow the recipe carefully. Let potatoes cool before dressing them. Add only as much dressing as needed. You'll love the results. This stands up well to a dinner with meat and with red wine.


7 days ago Taylor Stanton

Very good recipe! Make sure to dress the potatoes gradually with the sauce. I made the mistake of making a double recipe and putting the sauce in the bottom of my bowl, then mixing the potatoes in. I ended up taking the potatoes chunk-by-chunk and removing the extra dressing with my fingers! Quite ridiculous but delicious nonetheless. Will be making this again.


23 days ago Jim Price

I really, really like this recipe. I prepared it last night for my wife. I had lots of sauce left over, so will use as a sauce for veggies and maybe some salmon.


29 days ago celia younger

ah!, in ARAGON, WE USE GARLIC MAYO / alioli WITH hot sauce (chili, very little ). In Madrid, it looks they use a hot spicy red tomatoes sauce. alioli is only oil and garlic, mayo has eggs+ oil and+ garlic.


29 days ago celia younger

Now, if you put some hot sauce (chili or guindilla, or cayenne...) then it is call PATATAS BRAVAS.


29 days ago celia younger

Spanish Russian Salad: cooked potatoes slices or cubed small, parley chopped, cooked green peas, hard boil eggs, tuna (or cooked shrimps) , red pepper (from jar) chopped, green olives (no bone) chopped, red onion finelly chopped or challots. mayo (with olive oil if possible) lemon juice. mix all with mayo, that is our Spanish salad (real from Spain, (not form Mexico or...). GREAT RECEPIE THANK YOU.


about 1 month ago emliza

I've made these twice now and they have been a big hit. I roasted garlic gloves with the potatoes and only used one clove in the sauce. Excellent.


5 months ago Freddurf

I toss the potatoes with the garlic before roasting.


5 months ago Helen

Also, I used half the garlic and it was still super intense.. so I don't think you need 4 cloves (unless you cook the garlic first)!


5 months ago Helen

I agree this was really good, but I think the raw garlic is a bit too intense for me so next time I will saute it in a bit of olive oil and pour it into the dressing after.. or roasted garlic could be nice too. I think this recipe would also work with yogurt, for those who want a lower fat version. I added chopped parsley as well, but chives would be good too.


7 months ago Joan Stickles

I have made this at least ten times over the past year. Everyone who tastes it loves it as I do.


7 months ago JohnL

When I was a student in Madrid, we had a dish similar to this every week (in the dorm dining room), and I thought it was the best potato salad I had ever had. Ever. Another salad on regular rotation was white asparagus, artichoke hearts, and halved hard boiled eggs (arranged cut side down) napped with that same garlicky mayonnaise. At that young age, I believe it was the first time I had ever eaten asparagus or artichokes, and I instantly loved them both served this way. They served little clusters of (canned white) asparagus and artichokes and eggs on a large round stainless steel platter and it was all covered in aioli. I was VERY happy when either of these salads was on the menu!


7 months ago NotTooSweet

OMG! These are amazing, so delicious and so easy to prepare. Made them tonight with a pan-seared steak and Strawberry, Avocado and Kale Salad and my husband just kept saying "these potatoes are unbelievable" - and I agree. Kudos to the creator and a huge thanks for sharing your recipe.


8 months ago jones

Had 1.5lbs of small potatoes so I decided to try this recipe, but I followed the recipe as written, that is, for 1lb of potatoes. First thing I noticed was that there was an excess amount of olive oil to coat the potatoes, I think half the amount would have been plenty for my 1.5 lbs of potatoes. Secondly, there was way too much mayo. The amounts for that can be halved or even divided by 3 if you want to make it lighter.


8 months ago Maia Rossini

Just needed to say thank you for this recipe - have made it countless times this summer and every time I serve it, I get another round of "Can you send me that recipe?" from my guests. Perfect.


12 months ago Taylor

Made these potatoes the other night for our family, and everyone loved them. My children, ages 6 and 3, gobbled it up. We roasted broccoli in another pan for a nice vegetarian meal. The smoked paprika is a great touch. We will definitely be having this often. Thank you!


about 1 year ago Lady Gofre

The typical patatas bravas, rather than garlic mayo, are served with a red sauce that's quite strong flavored. I am from Madrid and I can say that I never heard of potatoes with garlic mayo called patatas bravas, but rather "patatas alioli". :) I just thought I would throw that out there :)
Thank you for the recipe, though, a nice twist indeed!


7 months ago alison

Could n´t agrre with Lady Gofre more, I have lived in Madrid for 34 years and potatoes with garlic mayo are ...patatas al alioli...and bravas are fried potatoes with hot spicy toamtoe sauce.


about 1 year ago malaika danovitz

This is a great recipe. To change it up a little try dumping piping hot potatoes coated with sauce over some (cut small raw) kale.


about 1 year ago Briana

Oh, boy. I just took one bite and immediately ran to the computer to write this. It is soooo tasty! I intended to make this today and take some to work tomorrow but I am doubtful these will last that long! I did add a little bit of smoked paprika per Pittsburgher's suggestion below. What a wonderful way to use up potatoes! Now if you'll excuse me, I have a plate full of wonderful to get back to.