How To Make Paneer (Ricotta Cheese) at Home

By • September 25, 2010 • 5 Comments

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Serves 2

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over 1 year ago darksideofthespoon

I'm not seeing your recipe... where did it disappear to?


over 2 years ago Hilda

I have a blog site call Cooking Words World. I enjoy cooking and baking. I am italian
so I love the idea of making my own ricotta. I like the idea of using a lime but I wonder
if I could use a lemon also. P.S. since that is what I have right now in my refrigerator.


over 2 years ago pauljoseph

Thank you Hilda.Yes you can use lemon also no problem


almost 4 years ago pauljoseph

thank you for your sincere comments


almost 4 years ago SallyCan

Thanks for this. Like the idea of lime for the acid. It's on my cheeses to make list ;)