Editors' Picks — Summer Week 8

August 19, 2010

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wanderash August 20, 2010
Clearly, plums inspire greatness! Beautiful recipies. Congrats everyone!
AppleAnnie August 19, 2010
Thanks so much frozenfoodie for testing my plum sauce recipe. I love it that you swapped in special ingredients from your pantry, that is what I often do, ( the culinary intuition is usually spot on.) Fruit flavored balsamic vinegars are magical, and the cinnamon-pear variety that you used sounds like a perfect match for the plums. It is such an honor to receive an EP.
TheWimpyVegetarian August 19, 2010
Many thanks, Amber, for such a great review and the lovely compliment!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it so much.
aargersi August 19, 2010
That is the best review I have ever gotten on anything! Thanks AJ! I'm gonna go eat some jam :-)
Sagegreen August 19, 2010
Thanks Apple Annie for such a lovely review. I appreciate your recommending mascarpone, ricotta, crème fraîche, and ice cream pairings. Their sweetness would accent the tart freshness of this soup very well. I'm so glad the infused honey worked out well. And congrats to all! It is always an honor to receive an EP.
drbabs August 19, 2010
thank you to nannydeb for a great review of my plum-prosecco sorbet. And congrats all!
Culinista A. August 19, 2010
Thanks cheese1227 for the review! Everything looks delicious!
cheese1227 August 19, 2010
Your very welcome. This recipe was my pleasure!
ashtonkeefe August 19, 2010
Yum! This looks so great!