Brown Butter and Cheddar Apple Pie

September 24, 2010

In the video below, A&M are joined by legendary baker and cookbook author Dorie Greenspan. As they bake Midge's Brown Butter and Cheddar Apple Pie, Dorie shares loads of expert baking tips. Our favorite moment: when she validates our go-to dough-rolling method (between two floured sheets of plastic wrap) -- it's how Jacques P├ępin rolls too!

This week's videos were once again shot and edited by filmmaker Elena Parker. For more of the marvelous Dorie Greenspan, follow her on Twitter @doriegreenspan and pick up a copy of her just-released cookbook Around My French Table.

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tower D. May 7, 2012
For those who want to try making their very own apple pie, it would be best to be guided by a video or comprehensible recipe blog so that you can so it right. Baking at home can also become a social activity for family and friends, making the entire experience more memorable.
KudosKitchen October 21, 2010
I enjoyed watching this very much! Love Dorie Greenspan. Such a kind-hearted woman!
mariaraynal September 29, 2010
I just loved these videos with A&M and Dorie Greenspan. Great interaction and wonderful techniques.

My 13-year-old son and I are going to make this pie together. Coincidently, he told me last weekend he wants to make a homemade crust "with cheese in it" and that he's never had apple pie (!!!!!). So this recipe is perfect. He loves apples, so we're going to go to the market, choose the apples and the rest of the ingredients and make a fun day of it.
tuesday R. September 27, 2010
I'm switching over to plastic for rolling out crusts as of today. Thanks for being so honest about being a pastry "winger," Amanda. Even after years and years of cooking, crusts still make me nervous.
lacerise September 27, 2010
this looked like a great cooking and girlie day. i would love to have been there!
AntoniaJames September 27, 2010
How long did you wait before slicing the pie, once baked? What is the recommended minimum time for allowing this pie to sit before cutting? Thank you. ;o)
Pegsway September 26, 2010
I am having trouble hearing all the comments. Is it me? Or can your videographer improve the audio?
Kelsey B. September 26, 2010
What a fun video! I've been reading AMFT nonstop for a week now. I love the technique and running commentary from everyone!
JCCraves September 26, 2010
Two questions: Do you need to seal the two crusts? Also would have loved to have seen the first slice. I am working on perfecting pie techniques and find recipes vary tremendously in accuracy re: thickeners (type and amount). I realize that fruit varies, too, but for many of us this is as critical as the crust.

Serene September 25, 2010
How fun are the three of you! Ohmigosh, totally great.
AmyRuth September 25, 2010
Woopie, been waiting to see. tweeted to TWD baker friends too. Fun to watch you three have so much fun sharing
helicopterina September 24, 2010
so cool!!! i'm a huge dorie greenspan fan...what a treat to see her live and in action with you guys. am going to attempt to bake this pie over the weekend, in spite of my morbid fear of pie failure...based on past experience...
Midge September 24, 2010
How cool to see my pie being made by A&M, and Dorie Greenspan(!) Truly awesome. Thanks so much!
gconran September 24, 2010
How fun to so many favorite ingredients in one video - Dorie Greenspan, A&M, the gorgeous new cookbook Around my French Table, and apples. Yum!
lapadia September 24, 2010
Hi Midge...how exciting it is to watch A&M with Dorie Greenspan making our pies! I could smell the browned butter through my computer!