A Game Day Feast from the Food52 Test Kitchen

January 23, 2016

There are arguably two kinds of people in the world: Those for whom game day is all about the football, and those for whom game day is all about the snacks.

Photo by James Ransom

We can't speak for the alliances of our test kitchen dream team, Josh Cohen and Sara Jenkins, but we know that they feel the same as we do about this time of year. Once February—the belly of winter—hits, the mentality is "the more the merrier": more friends, more people crammed onto the same couch around the same TV, more cozying up together. More good beer. And more good, hearty food to go with all of it.

No matter what team you're rooting for (pro-football or pro-snacks), let these stick-to-your-ribs, finger-friendly, beer-ready recipes from Josh and Sara fill your game-day roster:

For the kick-off:

To round out the second quarter:

To finish strong:

Shop the snack table:

Share your own go-to game-day foods—the ones you want to clamor over with friends—in the comments.

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Stephanie January 25, 2016
Agreed - a little too fussy! Wings, chips and dip, pizza - even pulled pork, sliders, or nachos - and craft beer are standard fare where I'm at.
Stephanie January 25, 2016
On the off chance that you're going to do cocktails - gotta go Bloody Mary for the morning/afternoon games. Just beer for evening games.
Karen G. January 23, 2016
This game day menu--never in East Texas. Ever!
Caroline L. January 23, 2016
hi karen! what will you be making?
JustKatB January 25, 2016
I'm in Houston here - totally agree!