Meet the Winner of Your Best Appetizer to Share with Friends

February  3, 2016

We partnered up with our friends at NatureSweet for our latest contest—Your Best Appetizer to Share with Friends.

A big congratulations to the madeline hall, whose Lumpia (Filipino Egg Rolls) were voted Your Best Appetizer to Share with Friends! Here's a little more about her:

Describe an early food experience that has influenced the way you think about food and/or cooking.
I’m most influenced by my Lola (mom’s mom) and her love of cooking. She immigrated to the U.S. when my mom was young and worked in NYC for a couple of years to save up enough money for my Lolo and their four kids to come. She loved cooking and gardening and just creating in general. When I cook Filipino food, it is more than just cooking to me. It is a way to connect with part of my heritage and preserve the memory of my Lola in some way.

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What's your least favorite kitchen task?
I was fortunate to grow up with a dishwasher, so when we moved to NYC I really hated having to hand-wash the dishes and large pots and pans! I’ve gotten more used to it now, though, and genuinely think the dishes come out cleaner when hand-washed.

Madeline hall's Lolo and Lola.

Your favorite kitchen tool?
My bright yellow Dutch oven! I could cook everything in there.

What is a recipe that's on your list of things to try this year?
Although a bit ambitious, I would love to make homemade croissants!

What's the recipe you're most proud of?
Probably pancit molo (a Filipino wonton soup). After wrapping those dumplings, I always feel so accomplished!

We partnered up with our friends at NatureSweet for our latest contest—Your Best Appetizer to Share with Friends.

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    Madeline Hall
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Madeline H. February 4, 2016
Thank you Food52!!
amysarah February 3, 2016
Congratulations - can't wait to try your lumpia! Your Pancit Molo recipe also calls my name - I'm so intrigued by Filipino cooking, which I'm just starting to explore. I'd love to see any other recipes you feel like sharing!
Madeline H. February 4, 2016
Thanks Amy! I do have a few other Filipino recipes on my blog, including pancit, chicken adobo, and pancit molo soup!