These New York City Restaurants Are Serving Kids-Only Meals

April  4, 2016

Kids' menus can tell you a lot about the average seven-year-old's eating habits: They love macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, chicken fingers, and French fries; they hate Brussels sprouts, carrots, and broccoli. Maybe.

But according to a start-up that encourages fine dining with toddlers and Noma's co-founder Claus Meyer, inviting kids to not choose their meals from a 10-and-under menu can help them expand their culinary horizons and take an active part in shaping future food systems. (Our own co-founder, Amanda Hesser agrees.)

On April 26th, Meyer's project, Kids Table, is collaborating with New York City restaurants to serve a kids-only (that's right, no parents allowed) dinner from 4:00 to 5:30 PM. Tickets go on sale today at noon (EST) for $30 per child and are available for a variety of restaurants including Meyer's Agern, and Blue Hill New York City, Rebelle, Del Posto, Telepan, and Colonie NYC. Here's what the little ones can expect:

The young diners, their siblings and friends will get to enjoy a healthy and tasty three-course menu prepared by the citys most talented chefs at hot ticket restaurants... All participating restaurants will prepare and serve three delicious, healthy and seasonal dishes. The chefs will have creative freedom and each restaurant will create their own specially crafted menu, yet, three selected raw ingredients—turnips, lamb and rhubarb—will somehow make their appearance across the menu.

All we're sayin' is that if we were within the age limit (7 to 14 years old!) we'd be there. (Are big- big-kids allowed?)

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Questions? You can contact Kids Table at: [email protected].

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    Sari Nickelsburg
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LC's K. April 6, 2016
Great idea! But if it is going to change kids palates, it will have to be followed up at home. We lived in Italy for 5 years with 4 children, a baby to a 10 year old. They learned to love such a wide variety of foods (3 course lunches for the elementary kids; the baby loved pesto the minute she tried it) that they became adventurous eaters. As adults, they still are.
Sari N. April 6, 2016
Excited to learn about this here! Checking it out. :)