A Fresh, Clean Laundry Routine

May  3, 2016

With prettier, harder-working tools and our best tips for lightening your laundry load, you might even find yourself looking forward to washing, folding, and getting pesky food dribbles out of your clothes.

Photo by James Ransom

Our Best-Selling Dryer Balls

Hand-felted by Brooke Petry at Bog Berry, our wool dryer balls reduce static and wrinkles, cut down on drying time, and soften your clothes—no chemicals required.

Never buy another box of dryer sheets again!

Choose from purply pinks, blues, or a range of heather greys:

Four reasons we love them:

  1. Each dryer ball is hand-shaped using a felting tool—which makes them strong!
  2. Woolly dryer balls keep laundry soft, knock out wrinkles, and help reduce drying time.
  3. Unlike dryer sheets, there are no chemicals in dryer balls—just 100% hand-felted wool.
  4. One set of dryer balls will last forever! Your wallet (and the planet) will be happy.

A Better Laundry Basket

Whatever your type—short and wiry, tall with a set of wheels—we've got a pretty place for your dirty clothes to hang out until the next spin cycle.

And when the wash is done, take this cue from our co-founder Amanda for a perfect press when you iron:

All Hung Up

Our favorite fabric to launder? Linen, no question, which gets softer and prettier every time it hits the wash. (All the more reason to stock up on them in the kitchen.)

Photo by Bobbi Lin

Save a paper towel or fifty:

Don't Be a Stain

(Or at least learn how to get rid of them...)

What are your best washing and folding tips? (Besides putting on good tunes while you do laundry.) Share in the comments!

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Taste O. May 3, 2016
Best stain-remover advice ever: My Boyfriend Barfed in My Handbag...and Other Things You Can't Ask Martha, by Jolie Kerr
Amy May 3, 2016
Keep a separate basket just for socks. Then when you have time to sort they are all right there. I also keep a basket of clean sorted socks downstairs so everyone should be able to find a pair in the meaning without a sock hunt :)
Amy May 3, 2016
*morning (not meaning)