Blondies and Other Sweets That Are Great Straight From the Freezer

May  4, 2016

During a certain period in Food52 history, a secret stash of these blondies lived in the bottom drawer of the freezer for urgent, 3 PM snacks. And that Thin Mints, too, are better right from the freezer made us think: What else can we push to the back of the freezer and surprise ourselves with whenever we want?

For desserts that you can eat straight from the freezer—by choice, not because they'll melt otherwise—go for options that are crispy-crunchy or fudgy-gooey. That means shortbreads, brownies, and a lot of melted chocolate. Think beyond the frozen banana.

The Crunchy Cookies

The Shortbready Cookies

The Fudgy

Bark and Bark-Like Objects

The Underbaked-Like

Mousse (from the freezer, it's like semifreddo)

You're welcome!

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witloof May 5, 2016
Frozen lemon squares and frozen key lime pie FTW!
Kat May 5, 2016
This is divisive but I've found I can only eat brownies after chilling them in the fridge; becoming firm but still fudge-like in texture. Oozing and gooey brownies have always put me off and I find warm and rich too much yet cold and rich is more tolerable. My family are, remarkably, with me on this- with the exception of my brother whom likes them the 'normal' way ;-)
Anna May 4, 2016
A greek yogurt semifreddo used to be one of my favorites!
Carmen L. May 4, 2016
this is everything.
Liz D. May 4, 2016
Cookies of any type are good frozen, although I do find that soft ginger cookies are hard as a rock. I concur on the cookie dough, too--I once thought that was a good way to keep from eating too many cookies--bake a few & freeze the rest...that didn't end well for my waistline! Tres
Leches cake is also good frozen--almost like cake & ice cream all in one.
frecklywench May 4, 2016
The Violet Bakery/Claire Ptak rye chocolate brownies are so incredibly chewy-gooey that they never totally freeze, making them excellent for immediate post-freezer snacking!
Lindsay-Jean H. May 4, 2016
Mmmm. My favorite is frozen blobs of cookie dough, specifically that of Posie's The Best Kitchen Sink Cookies.