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11 Salmon Recipes to Make Your New Go-Tos

May 23, 2016

Salmon might something that you already lean on heavily (thus removing some of its specialness). But since it's hearty and rich-tasting and fresh and quick to prepare, it's worth refreshing what recipes you already have in your salmon roster.

Now that salmon is coming back into season, pick a new recipe, or two, or three. And poach or pan-fry or roast dinner (and learn how to get the fishy smell out of your kitchen, if that's of concern for you.) It will take you the same amount of time it would have taken to make pasta. In fact, multitask and make some of that, too—you can eat it with the fish leftovers tomorrow.

Here are 11 salmon recipes to start with:

What's your favorite way to make salmon—on a weeknight or for a special occasion? (Or both?) Share a mini-recipe in the comments.

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scruz May 23, 2016
the best way to prepare salmon? the fewer ingredients the better. let it shine!
ChefJune May 23, 2016
I'm really surprised you didn't include this recipe: https://food52.com/recipes/4532-falafel-crusted-salmon-on-a-bed-of-spinach It's so easy, so impressive and so delicious.