UPDATE: Come work with us!

April  4, 2011

A&M cooking  Food52 Office

UPDATE: The first time we posted this, we were looking for Rails developers but we've widened our search (spread the word!).

We're looking for an ace developer to join our team: If you love food and startup culture (or happen to know someone who fits the bill), let's talk!

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Please feel free to distribute this posting far and wide -- tweet! facebook! email! -- so we can find the right person to help us keep building new and exciting things on the site. (Just you wait! All we can say for now is: minds will be blown.) Read all the nitty gritty details and requirements at the job posting here and apply at [email protected].

See the job posting: Developer with an Appetite




boulangere April 9, 2011
I just passed this along to a web-wise friend who is on his way out of NYC, but who may know someone who might be interested.
Regbac April 6, 2011
It sounds great and I'd love too but I live in Denmark. Sigh !
Arathi April 4, 2011
Oh, this sounds so cool! I don't know too many Rails experts and dearly love my current job, but will definitely pass this on to fellow food-loving software engineers :)
boulangere April 4, 2011
If I had even the faintest idea what the job requirements mean, you can be sure I would submit an application. Instead, I'll look forward to enjoying the products of all your efforts.
Tammy February 24, 2011
Finally, something I can contribute! I've emailed a couple folks about this...
Kitchen B. February 24, 2011
When I think of Ruby on rails, I imagine a buxom woman, in red satin, black lace tights...doing stunts on tight rope............not IT. I'm as old as you aargersi......sigh.
aargersi February 24, 2011
We aren't OLD we are ... erm ... wise? Yeah, that's it ... mmmhmmm. Ha ha ha!!!
wssmom February 24, 2011
Wasn't there that ad campaign a few years back, "You're not getting older, you're getting better?" <br />That's what I keep telling myself LOL ....
Kitchen B. February 24, 2011
:-)........I must admit though that I prefer the experiences of old age and the distinguished silver hair, of which I have a few to my youth, where I was bored (for a short while) and had little purpose. The one thing I miss the courage.......of going for it, daring to do without deep thought . Sigh. We're so not old. And don't ask me how old I am :-)
fiveandspice February 24, 2011
I'm supposedly in the computer generation (just squeak into young enough for that category), and I still barely had any idea what the job posting was about! I'm pretty psyched that I can even type - er, when I don't spill food on the keyboard...I understood the part about short rib and Meyer lemon pound cake though, hehe!
ashtonkeefe February 24, 2011
I just applied for this position, look out for my resume! Thanks :)
Bevi February 23, 2011
Peter, have you posted with the ITP at NYU/Tisch? You may have a few takers there.
Bevi February 24, 2011
Peter, we posted it to the ITP email list.
TheWimpyVegetarian February 23, 2011
Does the developer need to be based in NYC?
Lizthechef February 23, 2011
Reading this job posting makes me feel really old...
TiggyBee February 23, 2011
baby, baby, baby ohhhh...This is the first and last time I quote the Biebs. Truly, I'd love this job and know SQL like the back of my hand. I'm so envious of the lucky one that lands this job. This is so cool!
mrslarkin February 23, 2011
Say what?? Dang, and I thought putting together an Excel spreadsheet was complicated. Call me if you ever need scones. ;-) Seriously though, that is really exciting stuff!!
Rhonda35 February 23, 2011
I'm on the same wavelength as you, mrslarkin! Still trying to master Excel!
aargersi February 23, 2011
What an awesome opportunity - but, as far as I am concerned, the description is written in Martian or Unicorn or something. Sigh. Will see if I know any smart young folk that know what the heck you are talking about. <br />
Waverly February 24, 2011
Exactly...what the heck is a Rail Developer? Something to do with trains? I am sure my children will know. I'll ask them just as soon as they turn the TV on for me.