12 Recipes That Make Tomatoes More Themselves

August 24, 2016

You know and I know that tomato sandwiches are the proper ode to the tomato, somehow making it even better than it is in its original form.

The tomato sandwich's beauty is in its simplicity—in letting the tomato be more or less naked. But there are more ways than that to let the 'mater take center stage. These 12 recipes take as few ingredients and do as little meddling with their star as possible:

You have the world's most beautiful tomatoes and can gussy them up with 4 other ingredients, tops. What do you do? Tell us in the comments.


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    Jackson Fust
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Betsey August 25, 2016
Help me I have so many tomatoes.
Jackson F. August 24, 2016
Recently tried Amanda's Brown Butter tomatoes, and they were so easy and delicious. Definitely going to make again before tomato season ends!
702551 August 24, 2016
The four additional ingredients in order of importance:

olive oil

That leads to insalata caprese. Freshly ground pepper? Sorry, over the limit. :o)

Fortunately, I don't set silly ingredient limits in my own kitchen despite the fact that I champion simplicity. Oh, and I can have ground pepper on my insalata caprese!