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March 22, 2011

James Beard Awards 2011

Congratulations to Amanda! The Essential New York Times Cookbook was nominated for a James Beard Award in the General Cooking category!


luvcookbooks March 28, 2011
so enjoying reading the book and amazed at the stories of how much work (on top of regular work) you and Merrill put into it-- turned out to be a worthwhile investment-- and well deserved nominations.
Amanda H. March 28, 2011
Glad you're enjoying it! Thank you.
thirschfeld March 25, 2011
so am I going to be able to buy that little gold stamp that goes on the front for the copies I have or am I going to have to go out and buy new copies with the stamp, which I would do gladly. Congratulations to you.
Amanda H. March 25, 2011
Actually, you have to buy a new copy every year. Didn't I tell you this? Just kidding -- I'll ask if they can send me some stamps and I can send them to whoever wants one.
thirschfeld March 25, 2011
well with as many food stains as it is getting I may need to and that should have been followed with a LOL. It was by no means serious.
Sally March 25, 2011
Well deserved!
Aliwaks March 24, 2011
Hooray Amanda!! Reading your last NYT. Mag I was reminded what a wonderfully gifted writer you are, well deserved! Rock on lady!!!!
Amanda H. March 24, 2011
Thanks, Aliwaks!
Amanda H. March 24, 2011
Thank you so much (from both of us!) for all of your wonderful and generous comments. The book was an exciting challenge to take on and the best part is that Merrill and I became great friends while working on it.
boulangere March 24, 2011
mariaraynal March 24, 2011
And, we, the food52 community, are the lucky recipients all that has blossomed as a result of your friendship. Pretty cool, huh...
MLT13 March 23, 2011
Congrats A+M! This is deliciously fantastic news!!! Much deserved!
Midge March 23, 2011
Wonderful news. Congrats!!
wssmom March 23, 2011
deanna1001 March 23, 2011
Well deserved! Brava!
betteirene March 23, 2011
Oh, the prestige! How very, very, nice. <br />
mcs3000 March 22, 2011
Congrats - clear some room on your trophy shelf :)
Daphne March 22, 2011
I love this book& use it all the time! I'm especially intrigued by the older recipes, and very much appreciate the historical timelines. The writing before and after most recipes is super fun and also really informational. Probably, I've already made 50 items from in this book and it just came out in Oct. :)
Amanda H. March 24, 2011
Wow! Had no idea you've cooking so much from it!
mariaraynal March 22, 2011
So great! Congratulations, A&M. All the late nights and dirty dishes paid off!
Lizthechef March 22, 2011
Table9 March 22, 2011
This is incredible! excited for you!
wanderash March 22, 2011
That is fantastic! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!
fiveandspice March 22, 2011
Wow!! Congrats!!!
Kitchen B. March 22, 2011
Congratulations A&M....well done
dymnyno March 22, 2011
Congratulations for garnering the two biggies: the IACP nomination and the James Beard nomination!
drbabs March 22, 2011
WOW!!! Can we vote?!