50 Portable, Make-Ahead Desserts for Labor Day Traveling

September  1, 2017

Yes, we love day-long baking projects, and you can bet we’re going to labor over stunning cakes and pies worthy of Instagram stardom. But over holiday weekends, what we love even more than a pièce de résistance is a crowd-pleaser that can handle the jolts and jerks of travel. Labor Day is nigh, and we know that portability and time-saving recipes are of the essence, so here are 50 no-fuss, totally delicious, make-ahead desserts that will be ready to get in the car before your pokey family. Save your strength for traffic jams.

Brownies, Bars, & Cookies

Cake Cake Cake

Pies, Tarts, & Crumbles

All the Puddings

Candy, Truffles, & Fudge

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