There are thousands of cooking blogs -- each week, we bring you highlights from the best. This week, a blog that makes you want to take a vacation and eat, make, read.

Sour Cherry Pie  Totally Awesome Tool: Mini-Strainer

Whether it's from your cutting board or your beach chair, you know it's officially summer when all you want to do is eat ... make ... read. So here's a blog where those things reign supreme. They're even in the name of the blog: eatmakeread. This Brooklyn-based bloggeuse is a graphic designer by day (no surprise there) and a "maker, baker, and blogger" by night. And the fruit of her moonlighting gig is this seasonal, consequently now summery, blog where we're supping our way through her pleasant posts.

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Amidst her Jekyll & Hyde of a work life, she has also found time to launch a food quarterly called Remedy, now in its fifth iteration. Who doesn't love an innovative newcomer to the ever-changing landscape of food journalism? We can't wait to get our strawberry-stained hands on a copy.

Blackberry Ricotta Cornbread  Mixed Berry Upside Down Cake with Cinnamon

But back to the blog. From the red, white and blue of the summer berries that currently dot this self-professed polka-dot lover's site (look up ... she's not kidding!) to her happy hour column, eatmakeread makes you want to stop, drop and picnic. We're definitely packing her Brown Butter Cornbread with Farmer Cheese and Thyme to go with our (homemade!) bucket of KFC Wings (click through a must -- as we don't want you thinking we endorse anything fast food anywhere near food52.)

Settle in with a good summer book -- you know, lite content -- and a glass of Basil Plum Fizz from her bottomless drink menu. We're busy scouring the market for those early summer gems with an arrow loop-sized window of a season destined for her Sour Cherry Pie: as American as apple but with a pucker perfect for the fourth of July.

Remedy Quarterly (The Fifth Issue)  30/30 a picnic in Central Park


The All for Farmers Market

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mcs3000 June 30, 2011
Great to see @eatmakeread profiled here. Subscribe to Remedy Mag - love it.
Sagegreen June 29, 2011
My, that is quite a drink list! Go Brooklyn bloggeuse! Thanks for sharing another great blog.