This Magical Coffee Will Make You Feel Like a Wizard

June  1, 2018

Every so often you eat something magical. Something so special you can’t decide between taking your time to savor it, or chewing it as fast as possible so you can swallow it, so you can tell everyone around you just how good it is. These are mystical moments, far and few between.

The experience of drinking this Magical Coffee is just that. Community member ErinH, who originally graced our site with the recipe, says she got it from a nearby cafe. But it's so good, we’re prone to thinking that maybe it came to her in a vision.

Is it magic because it tastes amazing? Or because it’s so wildly simple to make? We're thinking a little of each.

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She starts by mixing coffee grounds, freshly grated cinnamon, and a pinch of brown sugar in a jar. These get covered in water and left alone for a night of beauty sleep. The next day, she pours the content through a sieve and into a tall glass of ice. She adds some milk or creamer (drinker's choice). And for the adventurous, Erin recommends a Scandinavian twist with almond extract and fennel seeds.

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Top Comment:
“When I make my hot French press coffee, I add a spoon full of a ground cinnamon, ground ginger and turmeric blend I keep in a jar. ( ! : ! : 1/2 ratio) I think I'll have to adapt it to my cold brew. ”
— Anita104

You may be thinking: This is too easy. Well, it is! And it's a good thing. It's beautiful, in fact. In a world of hard things, maybe there's relief in knowing that this one easy thing really works. It sits all night, waiting for you in the morning, to wake up to and pour. And with that first sip, you're almost guaranteed to start your day feeling pretty magical yourself.

Have you tried this famous Magical Coffee? What did you think?

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Valerio Farris

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arbeenyc June 16, 2019
Try it with a bit of condensed milk instead of cream. Amazingly rich.
Anita104 June 9, 2019
When I make my hot French press coffee, I add a spoon full of a ground cinnamon, ground ginger and turmeric blend I keep in a jar. ( ! : ! : 1/2 ratio) I think I'll have to adapt it to my cold brew.
Stephen September 3, 2018
This is pretty much cafe de oilla. Mexican coffee.
Rebecca June 28, 2018
Made this last night. Smaller jar and just shot for ballpark proportions....I was SOOOO delighted with the results. Had some heavy cream on hand and so it was very rich and lovely. (Larger jar in the fridge this evening). Looking forward.
Dave June 25, 2018
A "pinch"?!? 3 Tbls is one heck of a pinch...
R S. June 12, 2018
This recipe is great. I regularly brew my pour over coffee with a blend of warm spices. What would anyone suggest to make this iced coffee an ADULT drink to sip on the patio?
Deborah D. May 12, 2019
Chris B. June 2, 2018
Sounds like Mexican coffee - "cafe de olla," with a cold brew twist.
Soma I. June 2, 2018
36+ grams of sugar, crazy!
BerryBaby June 2, 2018
I would adjust the sugar to my taste. One teaspoon per cup of white sugar is usually enough.
Beth P. June 16, 2018
Too much sugar for me (diabetic). There is a Splenda brown sugar blend with 1/2 & 1/2. It's almost as good. I don't take my coffee with sugar at all but this recipe caught my attention for an occasional treat.
E June 1, 2018
This is Magic Coffee from Graze in Madison, WI.
amystery June 1, 2018
I have been making this cold brew recipe since it was first posted on the website years ago. I have never found a better way to make it. I make it in a mason jar with a reusable cloth cold brew bag for the grounds, I just put the cinnamon and brown sugar in with the grounds
Spicy T. September 2, 2018
i was wondering about how to adapt this recipe for my cold brew coffee maker, particularly what to do with the sugar. do you have to adjust sugar by adding more? i was afraid sugar would get lost in the coffee ground, but perhaps not.
Kerry June 1, 2018
This makes me want to try adding cinnamon to my cold brew coffee! Sounds amazing. Could also try cardamom, nutmeg, etc.
Bobbye June 2, 2018
I've been adding cinnamon toy cold brew every day for years and it does great things for your metabolism and tastes amazing.
Bobbye June 2, 2018
*to my
Anke T. June 26, 2018
I actually add a gingerbread or German Spekulatius spice mix to my coffee most of the time, hot or cold brew doesn’t matter. I just love it, and for me, it doesn’t need sugar or even milk. Occasionally as a treat a do add some heavy cream (not even whipped, and still no sugar, but oh so delicious 😋)
Mm June 26, 2018
That sounds great Anke. What spices are in German Spekulatius? I love that you don't use sugar, neither do I, I think it ruins the taste of good coffee.
Dana September 2, 2018
Hi, we use pumpkin pie spice mix and it is really great,my family has even dusted it on top of egg nog!I love it on top of the whipped cream in drinks as well as added to the drink itself. It can be expensive if you by name brand but we have found very nice mixes from the store brand. Even found 4 oz bottles at the 5 & dime in Maine for $2 a bottle !
madhatrk September 2, 2018
While traveling in Sri Lanka, I bought bags of ground coffee at a coffee plantation to use as I traveled. They came with either ground ginger, ground cardamom or ground cinnamon mixed in. While all where delightful, the cardamom and ginger where my faves by far!