13 Greek-Inspired Dishes to Enjoy From Sunrise to Sunset

August  3, 2018

Vefa Alexiadou literally wrote the book on Greek cuisine with her 700+ page tome, Greece: The Cookbook (previously published as Vefa's Kitchen). It's our Cookbook Club's book for the month of August, and members are already noting that it has a dual purpose—they can use it for weight-lifting while they cook!

All jokes aside, this is truly a comprehensive book on original Mediterranean cuisine. But there's no need to be overwhelmed by the (hundreds) of recipes contained within—the recipes are straight-forward and easy to prepare. While you're waiting for your copy to arrive, we've rounded up 13 Greek-inspired dishes to get you in the groove:

we're in the grilling groove, too

Have a favorite Greek (or Greek-inspired) dish? Fill us in!


Zoe R. August 8, 2018
Is voting in progress for future cookbook club picks..? Or have they already been announced? I know next month is Dining In...
Author Comment
Lindsay-Jean H. August 9, 2018
Voting just happened, and results will be announced tomorrow!
Nancy August 3, 2018
LJ - cookbook looks great and the sampling of all these green and summery dishes makes me think outdoors, picnic, or sitting in the back yard. <br />Another similar dish - especially good for lazy meals, picnics etc - <br />is not Greek, but with all its spinach, may fall under the heading "Greek inspired."<br />It's a great spinach pie from Italy, commonly made and eaten around Easter, but not restricted to then.<br />And who's to say you can't play around with other dark greens available in summer?!...<br />Recipe from Anita Sheldon as torta di spinaci, in New York Times, March 1972, reprinted in the Amanda Hesser collection of Times recipes and at this home recipe site.<br /><br />Delicious, reliable, can be eaten any temperature you like, with lemonade, white wine spritzers or red wine. Enjoy!
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Lindsay-Jean H. August 6, 2018
Oh that sounds lovely, thanks for sharing Nancy.