August 10, 2011

There are thousands of cooking blogs -- each week, we bring you highlights from the best. This week, a blog by two of the sunniest side up eggs on the internet.

Peeling a mango

Think about it: does food make you sad? Maybe sometimes, but generally not (we'd say). So don't worry, be happy, and hop on over to Happyolks, the happiest tasty place on the web. Hatched by Kelsey and Shaun, yet another cooking couple, this is a food blog in the most traditional sense: no noise, no funk, just a visual diary of the unadulterated joy of making food and eating it.

Shop the Story

One yolk sums up our mutual love for a good read: "The words. The pages. The pictures. There is something very spiritual to me about having a house filled with good books." Throw on your specs and take a peek through this self-professed granola's favorite books under Books to love. We love them too.

Fig and Anise Bread  Happy Yolks

We bet even summer's impending T-storms couldn't cast a cloud over the glee you'll experience when you witness this food blogger's birthday wishes to her little brother, for which she baked Alice Waters' Angel Food Cake with Orange Zest. The bouncy yellow yolks, the crests of frenzied merengue, the pillowy batter in the tube pan ... joyful, joyful.

Now that you're euphoric and sufficiently hungry, it's time to get creative with recipes like Zucchini Cobbler (you had us intrigued at "cobbler") and the simpler, rustic salmon and microgreens between bread pictured below. And look! He's smiling at us! Now, that's one happy sandwich.

Smoked Salmon Sandwich

Hungry for more food blogs? Tune in to last week's Reciprocity post: Turntable Kitchen.


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mcs3000 August 15, 2011
I just learned about this blog recently via @honeyandjam - it is stunning. Great to read more about them here.
Author Comment
Happyolks August 11, 2011
Thank you for all your amazingly kind words!
kpeacockwright August 11, 2011
Definitely a gorgeous blog with all you've described and more. Happy to call Happyolks fellow San Diego bloggers.
mrslarkin August 10, 2011
Absolutely gorgeous blog, gorgeous photos, gorgeous recipes!! Thanks for cheering me up with this pick!
Cara E. August 10, 2011
We love Kelsey! Great choice.
boulangere August 10, 2011
I love Happyolks! Thank you so much for featuring them.