UPDATE: Peanut Butter Pie for Mikey

August 26, 2011

Peanut Butter Pie for Mikey

UPDATE: A Fund For Jennie

Above is just a glimpse of the nearly 150 peanut butter pie tributes that poured in to our inbox over the past 2 weeks in grief, love and support for Mikey and Jennifer Perillo (see below for the whole story). You can click on the grid above to go to a Flickr set where you can see a slideshow of all of the pies and, in many cases, click through to the blog they came from (please forgive us if we've missed any).

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Thank you all for your generosity and your stories -- this has been a difficult and incredibly moving couple weeks, and we know Jennifer will be pleased to see how the community has come together.

Meanwhile, a fund has been set up for to help support Jennifer and her two girls, taking PayPal donations as well as bids on dozens of auctions (promotion for the campaign will end this Monday, August 29th at 12pm PST so hustle over, tell your friends, and tweet and Facebook it up).

Follow the latest on Twitter at #afundforjennie and Facebook at Bloggers Without Borders.

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Peanut Butter Pie for Mikey

A few days ago, longtime Food52 community member and friend Jennifer Perillo lost her husband Mikey to a sudden heart attack. Since then, our food community -- both here and all over the blog and Twitter-verse -- has rallied together in grief and support for Jennifer and her two daughters.

Yesterday in a beautiful post, Jennifer told us one way we can help: "For those asking what they can do to help my healing process, make a peanut butter pie this Friday and share it with someone you love."

If you can, please join us in celebrating Jennifer and Mikey with a pie (get her recipe here) -- bake, share, snap, post your support on Twitter, Facebook, your own blogs -- but also send your photos and links in to us at [email protected]. We'll gather them all in one post as our tribute, for Jennifer and the whole community to see.

For more ways you can help -- a care package delivery sign-up and an upcoming fund -- please see Shauna Ahern's post here.



Shannon @. September 27, 2011
If you are collecting stories of pies made for Mikey to give to Jennie and her girls some day, please include mine, too. I'm so sorry for what Jennie is going through and hope she will find strength and peace through her gifts of writing and cooking so beautifully. Thank you for being a place where we can let Jennie and the girls know we're thinking about them. http://www.amomsyear.com/2011/09/07/peanut-butter-pie-for-mikey-and-tim/
Kristen M. September 15, 2011
Hi everyone -- we wanted to let you all know we're running a new raffle as a fundraiser for Jennie's family, with a chance to win $450 tickets to Outstanding in the Field (a nationwide series of dinner events on farms). More details here: http://www.food52.com/blog/2507_an_auction_for_jennie
BettyAnnQ August 31, 2011
I made this Peanut Butter Pie for my family on Friday, Aug. 12, as Jennifer Perillo suggested. It was a simple recipe, but rich in so many ways. From now on, everytime I make it I will always be reminded of how fragile life is and how we have to be grateful for the NOW, because it will never come back. Here's my link to my blogpost <br />: http://asianinamericamag.com/2011/08/for-mikey-jennies-creamy-peanut-butter-pie/ <br />
boulangere August 30, 2011
Has there been a more copied or printed or saved or prepared recipe on food52? Rhetorical question, please understand. I already have this on the first week's syllabus for classes. Thank you to all for sharing and sharing and sharing.....
boulangere August 30, 2011
And by the way, being known as a "widow" seriously sucks.
boulangere August 30, 2011
Midge August 28, 2011
Who knew peanut butter pies could be so powerful. I'll be making mine belatedly. Thanks for the great slideshow and update.
Lismi August 28, 2011
Oh darn, I didn't know our PB pies were being listed here. This is mine..with love, virtual hugs and healing vibes http://lisamichele.wordpress.com/2011/08/20/a-peanut-butter-pie-for-mikey/
Lismi August 28, 2011
Oh darn, I didn't know our PB pies were being listed here. This is mine..with love, virtual hugs and healing vibes http://lisamichele.wordpress.com/2011/08/20/a-peanut-butter-pie-for-mikey/
Flavors O. August 28, 2011
I am in awe of the amazing blog community and how it has come together for Jennifer and her family. A very touching spot of sunshine in the midst of so much sadness. It is comforting to know that so many are surrounding Jennifer with healing love.
quaypocooks August 28, 2011
I do not know Jennie but I know what she is going through. I did not bake the pie in time for Mikey but I baked it anyway. http://quaypocooks.blogspot.com/2011/08/special-post-for-mike.html I have also make a donation and written a post on my blog to help raise fund for Jennie. http://quaypocooks.blogspot.com/2011/08/fund-for-jennie.html I am happy I could do a little for her and her girls. I hope the fund raised will help her through this difficult time.
quaypocooks August 28, 2011
I don't know Jennie but I know what she is going through. I did not make a pie for Mikey in time but I made it anyway. http://quaypocooks.blogspot.com/2011/08/special-post-for-mike.html. I have made a donation and written a post to help raise fund for Jennie. http://quaypocooks.blogspot.com/2011/08/fund-for-jennie.html Jennie and her girls will in my thoughts. I hope Jennie heals and the fund received will help her through her difficult times.
boulangere August 26, 2011
God, what a community.
Kristen M. August 26, 2011
Hi everyone -- we wanted to let you all know we've updated this post with all the pies we've received (142 of them, to be exact), plus information about fundraising efforts for Jenny's family.
boulangere August 15, 2011
Took this to my Friday night class (Grilling for Girls) to serve as dessert. Not a dry eye as I told the story of its provenance. I lost my husband when my children were young also. I still thank someone that I had/have them. I love thirschfeld's story of holding his girls close and closer. Perfect.
flourchild August 15, 2011
My Peanut Butter Pie for Mikey post is up, if belated. But there's no expiration on love for Jennie and her girls, who are in my heart and thoughts. <br /> <br />http://www.flourchildblog.com/2011/08/peanut-butter-pie-for-mikey.html
flourchild August 15, 2011
My belated Peanut Butter Pie for Mikey post is up, with much love for Jennie and her girls. They are in my thoughts. <br /> <br />http://www.flourchildblog.com/2011/08/peanut-butter-pie-for-mikey.html
mcs3000 August 15, 2011
Sarah Shatz's photo at the top of this beautiful tribute is so perfect. I never met Jennie and her family, but like everyone else, I'm thinking of them. It was an honor to make a pie for Mikey. Jennie, thank you for sharing Mikey with us through your blog. XO
Allison C. August 14, 2011
Made the PB pie Friday as planned. Still eating and sharing it--and the story of love, loss, and support--with family and friends. It'll get polished off today, and I'm thinking of Jennie, Mikey, and the girls with a full heart. I emailed my img and post link, but wasn't sure if I should also put it here.<br /><br />Just in case: http://www.feedingthesaints.com/2011/peanut-butter-pie-for-mikey/
LindaNoBlog August 14, 2011
i am a baker without a blog…i read tons of dessert blogs daily. i so enjoy this "virtual" community of bloggers & love reading about & baking from the posts.<br />you are an incredible community of kind, emotionally charged, sensitive, caring & unique people with golden hearts. kudos to all for the strength you are giving to jennifer & her girls. i send my condolences & positive energy to jennifer & her entire family.
LindaNoBlog August 14, 2011
i am a baker without a blog…i read tons of dessert blogs daily…i love the "virtual" community of food bloggers & so enjoy posts. <br />you are an incredible community of caring, emotionally charged, sensitive & kind persons…kudos to you all for your giving…condolences to jennifer & her girls….sending positive energy.
dailykale August 14, 2011
A Peanut Butter Pie Smoothie for Mikey & Jennie. Thanks, food52 team. I ? this community. http://t.co/UZRjxmS
cookinginvictoria August 14, 2011
I made chocolate peanut butter pie yesterday in honor of Mikey and my six year old daughter did the decorating honors -- with chocolate chips. We all loved it. Sometimes food made and served from the heart can convey what words can't. As I made and ate this pie, I thought of Jennifer Perillo and her girls. I pray and hope that they will find comfort and peace. https://picasaweb.google.com/pjmarchese/Pieformikey?authkey=Gv1sRgCJ-6m7Xu2s2RmQE#
Foodiva August 13, 2011
Ok, I had no idea what just happened there (re: my multiple comments!). Hopefully you can delete the duplicates....apologies!
Foodiva August 13, 2011
Here's my Peanut Butter PieCupcake post for Mikey, Jennie and their girls. They are in my thoughts and prayers: http://foodivakitchen.blogspot.com/2011/08/peanut-butter-piecupcake-for-mikey.html <br /> <br />[email protected]'s Kitchen
The F. August 13, 2011
Here's mine...better late then never...so happy to spread the love to Jen and her kids: The Art (and Science) of Food Adventuring: Food is Love: On Making A Pie For Mikey http://bit.ly/oc7VWy
lafbaker August 13, 2011
Another peanut butter pie for Mikey:<br />http://www.365daysofbaking.blogspot.com/2011/08/no-bake-friday-for-ones-we-love.html
kitchengirl August 13, 2011
Creamy peanut butter pie for Jennie, plus the chocolate pie I kept promising my family: <br /> <br />http://www.kitchengadgetgirl.com/2011/08/12/deluxe-chocolate-pie/
roxanedouvos August 13, 2011
For Mikey and Jennie, with wishes for peace and healing. <br />http://www.roxandroll.com/2011/08/our-peanut-butter-pie-for-mikey-and-jennie.html <br />I followed Jennie's recipe, and we all loved it, together.
roxanedouvos August 13, 2011
For Mikey and Jennie, with wishes for peace and healing. <br />http://www.roxandroll.com/2011/08/our-peanut-butter-pie-for-mikey-and-jennie.html <br />I followed Jennie's recipe, and we all loved it, together.
Izzbell August 13, 2011
Adding my voice to the chorus with yet another pie for Mikey, along with lots of love for Jennie and her girls...<br />http://www.crumbblog.com/2011/08/for-jennie-creamy-peanut-butter-pie.html
vindee August 12, 2011
#pieformikey ... Didn't have peanut butter, but made a pie for Mikey nevertheless- An Upside Down Mango Quark Cheese Pie {No Bake/Eggless}. http://www.passionateaboutbaking.com/2011/08/no-bake-upside-down-mango-quark-cheesecake.html
thirschfeld August 12, 2011
A day well spent http://www.bonafidefarmfood.com/http___www.bonafidefarmfood.com/photo_of_the_week.html
boulangere August 13, 2011
Amen.<br />
shoopee August 12, 2011
My family and I just enjoyed a peanut butter (and jelly) pie in honor of this event. I got the recipe here: http://havecakewilltravel.com/2009/06/24/pb-j-pie/. I didn't know Jenny, but was a reader of her blog, and as a mom and wife I can only imagine the heartbreak she's facing.
jennelsonlane August 12, 2011
We can't do peanuts in our house, but we did bake our favorite dessert today in honor of Mikey and Jennie. Sending loving thoughts and prayers to Jennie and the girls. <br />http://heyyall.typepad.com/hey_yall/2011/08/comfort-food-saturday-for-jennie-and-mikey.html
Gus'Mom August 12, 2011
My contribution. http://gritsaintgroceries.wordpress.com/2011/08/13/this-is-what-we-do-we-cook/
drbabs August 12, 2011
Here's my pie. Big hugs to all of you. What a wonderful community.<br /><br />http://www.food52.com/recipes/13914_peanut_butter_ice_cream_pie_for_jennifer_perillo_in_memory_of_mikey
Gus'Mom August 12, 2011
My contribution. http://gritsaintgroceries.wordpress.com/2011/08/13/this-is-what-we-do-we-cook/
EatingCleanRecipes August 12, 2011
Just finished making my peanut butter pie for Mikey. I'm touched by the strength and kindness of the food community. <br /> <br />http://eatingcleanrecipes.com/2011/08/recipe-vegan-chocolate-peanut-butter-pie-ice-cream/ <br />
saltyseattle August 12, 2011
How a pie for Mikey made a perfect birthday for Bentley http://www.saltyseattle.com/2011/08/how-a-pie-for-mikey-made-a-birthday-for-bentley-perfect/
saltyseattle August 12, 2011
http://www.saltyseattle.com/2011/08/how-a-pie-for-mikey-made-a-birthday-for-bentley-perfect/ How a pie for Mikey made a perfect birthday for Bentley.
Jennifer W. August 12, 2011
My pie, in tribute to Mikey and in celebration of love: http://www.breadandputter.net/love-and-pie/
homemadecravings August 12, 2011
Made a pie with my loved ones http://homemadecravings.blogspot.com/2011/08/peanut-butter-pie-pie-for-mikey.html
[email protected] August 12, 2011
Made with love http://www.oneapron.com/2011/08/peanut-butter-pie/ <br />
Debi S. August 12, 2011
Baked a Creamy Peanut Butter Pie with my daughter today: http://tinyurl.com/3c2gvnm
Here's my version as well. It's been a pleasure to meet Jennie in person and on Twitter and so very sad to hear about this news.<br /><br />http://www.theexperimentalgourmand.com/2011/08/12/peanut-butter-pie-for-mikey/
Londonfoodieny August 12, 2011
Thank you so much for this lovely post http://londonfoodieny.com/2011/08/12/peanut-butter-pie-for-mikey/
CherylDLee August 12, 2011
My pie for Mikey and my loved ones will be eaten today with a woman I consider my sister, although we are not related by blood. She lived with my family as an exchange student from Liberia back in the 1970's. She is moving back to take care of the family business, so it may be a long time before I see her again. My mother, sister, daughter and I will be sure to hug her tight and tell her we love her.<br /><br />http://blackgirlchefswhites.com/wordpress/2011/08/12/a-pie-for-mikey/<br />
littlemissdids August 12, 2011
I made a peanut butter pie in honor of Mikey, Jennie and everyone else who has lost a loved one.<br /><br />On love, loss and life's fragility.<br /><br />http://www.littlemissdids.com/2011/08/peanut-butter-pie-and-past-few-days.html
littlemissdids August 12, 2011
In honor of Mikey, Jennie and everyone else who lost a loved one. <br /> <br />On love, loss and life's fragility. <br /> <br />http://www.littlemissdids.com/2011/08/peanut-butter-pie-and-past-few-days.html
foodpluswords August 12, 2011
So glad you're doing a roundup of these posts. The solidarity and kindness of the food blogging community is second to none.<br /><br />I sent the link and a few photos of my peanut butter pie to the editors, but I'll post my link here as well:<br /><br />http://foodpluswords.com/2011/08/mini-peanut-butter-pies/<br /><br />Sending everyone, especially Jennifer and her family love, strength, and warmth.
Trilogyedibles August 12, 2011
I'm so proud of our community and how amazing you all are! Here's my pie http://www.trilogyedibles.com/2011/08/peanut-butter-pie-for-everyone.html
jenni.field August 12, 2011
Here is mine. So pleased you're doing a round up. Somehow having them all in one place might help Jennie to feel all the love. http://pastrychefonline.com/blog/?p=3962
Creative C. August 12, 2011
I've made a pie for Mikey and for my family. It's the least I could do.<br /><br />http://www.creative-culinary.com/creamy-peanut-butter-pie-apieformikey/
Sodium G. August 12, 2011
A salt and peanut-free pie for Jennie and Mikey: http://wp.me/pIlmQ-Pz
WeeklyGreens August 12, 2011
I've so enjoyed seeing everyone's posts and kind words for Jennie. As such, I'm adding my own to the mix, too:<br /><br />http://www.weeklygreens.com/recipes/mikeys-creamy-peanut-butter-pie/
misskristina August 12, 2011
misskristina August 12, 2011
Cooking H. August 12, 2011
Jennifer and her family are in my prayers...here is my pie <br /><br />http://www.cookinghealthyforme.com/2011/08/peanut-butter-pie-tribute.html
Cooking H. August 12, 2011
Thank you for gathering the links for Jennifer.... She is in our prayers, as well as her entire family. <br /> <br />http://www.cookinghealthyforme.com/2011/08/peanut-butter-pie-tribute.html
Panfusine August 12, 2011
http://www.panfusine.com/2011/08/agnis-flames-creamy-peanut-butter-pie.html <br /> <br />thinking of you Jennifer!
window G. August 12, 2011
So sorry to here this. we have done our share of grieving in our lives and yet still word seem to fail us. the pie plate i have was given to me by a dear friend who helped me though one the worst times of life. I'll be thinking of her and of you and your Mike when i fill it with wonderfullness.
Trisha R. August 12, 2011
http://sweetology101.blogspot.com/2011/08/peanut-butter-pie-in-memory-of-mike.html <br /> <br />in honor....prayers for you and your family.
WeeklyGreens August 12, 2011
I just tucked Mikey's peanut butter pie in the fridge to chill. I'm sad beyond words at having made it for this reason, but I will delight in sharing it with those I love with Jennie's wise words in mind: "...today is the only guarantee we can count on." <br /><br />I will also admit to having licked a finger and I can tell you with certainty that this is a mighty tasty treat. I'd go so far as to say it's perfect. <br /><br />Finally, I'd like to add that I am amazed and awed by the power of this community and so happy to be a part of it. At a time of unspeakable sorrow, it's been heartwarming to see people come together in this way in support of one who we may not have met, but have grown to care for so deeply.<br /><br />Godspeed to you and your girls, Jennie. You are a strong and brave woman.
lapadia August 12, 2011
Jennifer,<br />I am saddened by the untimely news and extend my heartfelt sympathy to you, your girls and family. As the days go by…may sweet memories replace the sadness in your heart. Sending you a virtual image of Peanut Butter Pie. Sincerely, Linda - aka lapadia<br />
NakedBeet August 12, 2011
What I love is always being born<br />What I love is beginning always.<br />Odysseas Elytis<br /><br />Jennie, wishing you the warmth and comfort of your family and friends and the beautiful memories you will share with your children as you heal.
NakedBeet August 12, 2011
What I love is always being born <br />What I love is beginning always. <br />Odysseas Elytis <br /> <br />Jennie, wishing you the warmth and comfort of your family and friends and the beautiful memories you will share with your children as you heal.
lorigoldsby August 12, 2011
I will make this tonight for my hubby and share the leftovers with several friends. My heart goes out to Jennie and her daughters. If a family is a circle of people that love you...I hope she and the girls can feel the love we are all sending and sharing the pie in their daddy's honor.
cookinginvictoria August 12, 2011
I have never met Jennie, but I feel as though I know her. One year ago, the very first food52 recipe I ever made was Jennie's yummy summer farro salad. Since then, it has become a staple in my kitchen. I have since followed Jennie on her blogs and on Twitter, and have made many more of her recipes. She always comes across as such a genuine, warm person who has a deep and abiding love for her family. I am so saddened by the loss of her beloved Mikey. My daughter and I will be making her peanut butter pie recipe tomorrow and we will say a special prayer for Jennie and her daughters. We are planning to surprise my husband with the pie tomorrow evening. He loves pie and I will hold him and my daughter close while we share it.
Sugar D. August 12, 2011
Counting my blessings today and sending love and support to Jennie and family. We will be eating Peanut Butter Pie.
Allison C. August 11, 2011
I first learned of this on Twitter, and it bowled me over. I've been quite absent from Food52 for a while (a regret), but this is where I "met" Jennie and always loved her warmth, style, and recipes. If I could, I'd make a million PB pies, but one will have to do. I'll make it with prayers added in for Jennie and her girls and the long healing process that's only just beginning. xo ~ Allison
eatquestnyc August 11, 2011
i made 3 pies that are now in the freezer ready to be passed along tmrw to various people, all of whom need a little extra affection right now. incredible that Jennie and Mikey together offer that love from every sphere to all of us who will cherish it. a toast..... <br />-debra/eatquestnyc
TheFoodCrawl August 11, 2011
what a wonderful tribute. You can count me in.
GFDoctor August 11, 2011
If you want to make a gluten free and lower sugar version of Jennifer's pie, here it is. <br /><br />http://www.gfdoctorrecipes.com/2011/08/gluten-free-peanut-butter-pie.html<br />I lost my first husband to cancer at 34. <br />
GFDoctor August 11, 2011
Just in case anyone else is gluten-free and wants to use less sugar, I adapted Jennifer's recipe. <br />http://www.gfdoctorrecipes.com/2011/08/gluten-free-peanut-butter-pie.html <br />My first husband died at 34 from cancer.
Allison F. August 11, 2011
Peanut butter pie on Friday for sure. Sending all my love to Jennifer and her family.
Bevi August 11, 2011
Jennifer's personal kindnesses to her fellow cooks just shines through. She has a way of making all feel welcome to the world of of food, and she expresses so beautifully how food weaves into her personal life. A while back she posted a link to a get together focused on sausage making. It was hilarious, and a testament to the love she obviously shares with her husband, family and friends.
P.A B. August 11, 2011
We also are paying tribute to Mikey by trying to bake his favorite pie here in the Netherlands!
Cookbot P. August 11, 2011
I write about food for Williams Sonoma. Although a Pirate Cookbot in my spare time, I share your pain and hope for healing and comfort during this very difficult time. <br /> <br />My thoughts are with you and yours. Warren Bobrow
Kitchen B. August 11, 2011
My heart is breaking for Jennifer. I wish I could make a pie but I'm smack in the middle of an international move. I will have something with pb in his honour! And will be praying for the entire family.
Arathi August 11, 2011
I'm so sorry for Jennifer's loss. I don't know what else to say, except that I will gratefully follow her selfless suggestion and make her pie on Friday.
mrslarkin August 10, 2011
I never met Jennifer or her Mikey. And yet, I am completely and utterly saddened by this terrible news. Peanut butter pie on Friday will be a celebration of life and love.
thirschfeld August 11, 2011
I am completely with you on that sentiment mrslarkin
TiggyBee August 11, 2011
So perfectly said. <3
gingerroot August 11, 2011
I can't eat peanuts, my husband can't eat wheat, but I'm making Peanut butter pie with my kids on Friday. Definitely a celebration of life and love.
BettyAnnQ August 10, 2011
I had the opportunity to meet Jennie at the "Eat Write Retreat 11" in D.C. last May. At the Panel Discussion Q & A, she was so kind, inspiring, encouraging and generous with her praise. I can never forget how she talked to me and just told me to "keep blogging about the recipes of my Mom, to keep my Mom's memory alive." After hearing the news of her Mikey's untimely passing, I was so saddened. It is hard to find the rhyme and reason to unforeseen events like this. No matter, Jennie, please know that the entire food community will be here for you!
Creative C. August 10, 2011
Like so many others; I'll be baking a pie for Mikey; someone I never knew who's loss has been felt so wide and so deep because of our personal relationship with Jennifer. The world heartbreaking has never had truer meaning.
aargersi August 10, 2011
I will absolutely be baking Jennifer's pie on Friday, and sharing with the friends and family that are coming over after work.
boulangere August 10, 2011
I'm teaching a class Friday night (Girls at the Grill!), and am bringing this along to share with them for dessert. Along with its precious story. And copies of the recipe so thhe goodness goes on and on.
Sodium G. August 10, 2011
Thank you Food52 team. Just another wonderful way this community constantly looks out for and helps each other.
Sagegreen August 10, 2011
Thanks for letting us know. I have not met Jennie in person, but my heart goes out. Peanut butter pies, Friday, and our thoughts now.
jmddc August 10, 2011
This makes me very sad but I'll do my part and make a peanut butter pie. I usually make one for my oldest son's b'day but he wasn't home this year for it. He'll be here on Friday and we will have pie and think of Jennifer.
boulangere August 10, 2011
I cannot imagine how Jennifer was able to compose her lovely post. It will be wonderful, and quite a relief, to participate in a communal recognition of her husband.
adashofbitters August 10, 2011
This is so great of you all. Jen and I had a food52-inspired lunch in NY a few months ago, where we met Jennie. We're both just gutted over this.
lastnightsdinner August 10, 2011
I actually first met Jennie at the food52 launch party what feels like ages ago. I was a nervous wreck before demo-ing my Tom and Ginger, and she came up to me with that lovely smile, sunglasses perched atop her head, and put me right at ease. She's as kind and open and genuine in person as you'd expect from her online presence, and it's heartbreaking to think of what she and her family are going through. This non-baker is definitely in for pie day.
MrsWheelbarrow August 11, 2011
I've been thinking of that party, too, Jen. And meeting Jennie with her signature sunglasses on her head. She was so welcoming and warm, and I was so nervous. She has that way - I've now been fortunate to spend time with her at a few more get-togethers - and always, in every meeting, she focuses her attention and gives herself back selflessly. Her love for Mikey, and their connection was clear as a bell in her writings, and her recipes. What better way than to cook and share this recipe - in her honor and his memory.
mariaraynal August 12, 2011
Jennie and I were Twitter friends before we met briefly at the Food52 launch party. Her genuine warmth and giving nature is immediately apparent to all who know her, and her beautiful love for Mikey rang so clearly in her writing. It makes this loss that much harder to bear, I think. Brutally unfair. So, pie tonight.
phyllis August 10, 2011
I don't know Jennie except through food52, and I am saddened to learn of her loss. My husband and I have lost two very close, young friends this year to heart attacks. I was lucky. I had a heart attack in April, but was saved and will recover fully. I won't be able to bake a pie, but would like to donate to the fund for the family, so I hope we will be kept informed here.
healthierkitchen August 10, 2011
Glad you're well Phyllis. I, too, will not be able to bake a pie, but will have Jennifer, her daughters and her Mikey in my thoughts. And, I'll also be looking out for info on a fund for her daughters.
Panfusine August 10, 2011
There is a Facebook events page for this as well, <br />https://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=213820718667119<br />I believe it can be any peanut butter pie, no rules..<br />
Kristen M. August 10, 2011
Thanks so much, Panfusine -- just added the link to the post too.