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The Once and Future Kitchen

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kitchen peg board

- Fran Brennan


I’m just going to put this out there: I’m a sucker for a good kitchen gadget. I’m even a sucker for a just-okay kitchen gadget. Unfortunately, I also face a shortage of square footage and can’t give up real estate to every strawberry huller that comes along (although I did).

But there are some things I’d actually clear space for. These items don’t exist yet; but technology being what it is, I’m pretty sure they can be made real. Just not by me (I’m an idea person, no follow-through).

Here are a few -- would love to hear yours too!


• You know how some cars have an alarm that beeps when you’re backing too close to the car behind you? I don’t have one, and my rear bumper has the pockmarks to prove it. I want an alarm on my oven that warns me when I’m too close to the hot racks. So my arms and hands don’t look as bad as my car.

• My brother’s kind of in love with the voice in his phone that reminds him to buy his wife a birthday gift. I want a voice like that to read me a recipe as I’m working on it so I don’t have to keep putting my flour/oil/egg-covered hands on my phone or tablet. I’d be in love with that voice, too.

• My running buddy also hates touching stuff with food-covered hands. She dreams of a wall-mounted, voice-activated spice rack that automatically dispenses the exact measure of spice you request so you don’t have to open jars in the middle of a recipe. She also dreams of a cute poolboy to make her coffee every morning, but that’s a different kind of wishlist.

• I’m not ashamed to say it (well, I’m kind of ashamed to say it), but I’ve found more than my share of science projects in my fridge over the years. I’d love re-usable containers that change color as the food in them starts to spoil. Every container in my fridge is happy yellow? Yay me. Light blue? Time to eat those leftovers. Darkest green? Get the Hazmat suit.

• As long as I’m talking refrigerators (and dreaming), can I have one that will give me a recipe using the (unspoiled) ingredients on hand? And how about a refrigerator that’s smart enough to tell me when I’m dangerously low on an item? Maybe that’s a task made for a machine. Certainly no human in my house can manage it.

What are your dream kitchen-gadgets-that-haven't-been-made-yet?


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