Collective Dinner Party-Planning, Made Easy

April 17, 2012

Have you ever wished that throwing a dinner party was a little easier and less expensive? And that you could host parties about twice as often as you do? Zokos, a brand-new startup, has stream-lined the party-planning process in a way we've never before experienced. The website allows guests to collaborate on the party costs beforehand using Paypal, so when the day of the party arrives, your expenses are covered, and everyone can have a stress-free good time together. Think of it as Kickstarter for dinner parties.

The system is ideal if you're thinking about hosting a fundraiser, supper club, potluck, or even if you just plain like to cook big, beautiful meals for friends. You create a budget and a guest list, and Zokos does the rest of the work. In the words of the site's creators, "When we all chip in, the people who love hosting can throw nicer parties—and they can do it more often."

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Anna Hezel

Written by: Anna Hezel

I come to Brooklyn from Buffalo, New York, via Sarah Lawrence College. I work in book publishing, but I have always loved cooking and throwing parties.


AntoniaJames April 17, 2012
And it's an interesting thread, indeed. ;o)
hardlikearmour April 17, 2012
Funny! A hotline question about this very site came up today: