Photos from The FOOD52 Pickling & Preserving Potlucks

July 27, 2012

Remember how we told you to throw parties and Can-It-Forward? Well, you listened. Over thirty parties all around the United States took place on July 14, National Can-It-Forward Day -- and each party got 6 free sets of Ball/Kerr jars. Check out the photos from some of the FOOD52 Pickling and Preserving Potlucks around the country below!

nothinginthehouse hosted 4 friends in Washington DC, and they made vinegar cucumber pickles, dilly beans, pickled okra, peach-jalapeno jam, and a blueberry-basil jam. Get the recipe for their blueberry-basil jam (and read more about her party!) here

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em-i-lis taught a canning seminar (!) in Bethesda, Maryland. Over twenty people attended!




AntoniaJames hosted four friends in Piedmont, California, where, as vvvanessa put it in her blog post, "five of us maneuvered around one another as if we'd be sharing the same kitchen all our lives." They made dilly beans, stone fruit chutney, peach barbecue sauce, blueberry vinegar, garlic and herb vinegars (red and white!), bread and butter pickles, and Dijon-style mustard.

Planning Potluck


mplouff hosted a party for four friends in Michigan, where they made small batch peach jam, microwave peach butter, peach oolong jelly, dill beans, and lemony pickled cauliflower. Check out all of their recipes on on her blog.


aargersi threw a canning party/pool party where, in her words, they "cannonballed the afternoon away" and feasted on a potluck dinner. Canned Moroccan Figs, ginger peaches, rosemary tomato jam, marinara sauce, and tomato peach ranchero sauce all made it into their share of jars.

Canning fun


SeaJambon and six of her canning-aficionado friends in Seattle whipped up some triple-ginger nectarine jam, blueberry-rhubarb jam, pie cherries in syrup, and tayberry jam.

Fruit and jars


Jennifer Russell and five friends in Boise, ID made golden apricot preserves using fruit from another friend's apricot tree; "the 100-degree weather helped ripen its fruit just in time for the party," she says. 

Preserves on Cheese Canning

Apricot Preserves


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mcs3000 July 29, 2012
Love these updates on FOOD52 potlucks. So bummed to miss AJ's, but it was fun to read vvvanessa's post.
vvvanessa July 29, 2012
I'm so glad to see that so many of us had such a fun day.
aargersi July 27, 2012
We had so much fun but I think the other canners may have - ahem - taken the actual CANNING part a bit more seriously. We got a lot of stuff into jars though - before the cannonballing (off the ROOF for some) began .....
Devangi R. July 27, 2012
Lovely pics.

I wanted to attend one of these but why were the locations not shared the way they were shared for the mozz making potlucks. And, when there were about 30 potlucks, why do you always share pictures of few members.I understand it might not be possible to share all 30 pictures..But, I think more set of pictures of potlucks should be featured.

em-i-lis July 27, 2012
Oh my gosh, y'all! These canning fests look like they were SUCH fun- I know I had a great time at mine. It's so great to see your faces and everyone in action. Enjoy all the goodies you made!