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Too Many Cooks: Dreaming of Spring

March  1, 2013

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The sun is out. It's not freezing outside. Someone published an article about ramps last week. Spring seems to be on its way! At least, we hope so. Which brings us to this week's question:

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What are you dying to cook -- or simply eat -- again once spring rolls around?

And you, dear readers: are you pining for fiddleheads? Dreaming of sweet peas? Tell us in the comments! Or better yet -- make a spring-themed recipe collection.

Jennifer: RAMPS!! Remember this pesto? Yum!

Peter: Fiddleheads. Barely sautéed. With lots of garlic.

Lauren: Radishes!


Gheanna: Fresh peas and strawberries!

Beatrice: Asparagus and fiddlehead ferns!!

Maddy: Artichokes! Steamed and dunked in mustard vinaigrette. Also, artichoke heart paella.

Marian: I'm ready to hoard strawberries and eat sugar snap peas like they're candy.

Christina: Wild pokeweed (aka free asparagus) and strawberries.

Amanda Li: Broccoli and strawberries for me.


Amanda: Good young greens. That's all I ask for, spring.

Merrill: Such a hard question. I think it's a tie between pea greens and ramps.

BretteGrilled favas!


Stephanie: Peas! All I want to eat are peas. And some rhubarb too.

Lindsay-Jean: Garlic scapes, peas, rhubarb, morels, and strawberries. I'm just a teeny tiny bit ready for winter to be over...

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    Rachel Snow
Marian Bull

Written by: Marian Bull



EmilyC March 5, 2013
Buttercrunch lettuce! Each spring growing up, my favorite dish from the garden was buttercrunch lettuce salad with spring onions and warm bacon vinaigrette.
Exbruxelles March 5, 2013
Favas, with sage and goat cheese.
walkie74 March 4, 2013
Good salsa and bruschetta and squash blossoms and and and...
Marian B. March 4, 2013
Yes! Squash blossoms!
missmertz March 3, 2013
Chives! I know it's silly to lust after a garnish, but have you ever given chives their due and made chive pesto? Possibly the best condiment ever. And in my town, chives grow wild everywhere, so that's part of the fun. Walk around and pick some. For free.
Rachel S. March 2, 2013
I miss mizuna! I'm also excited that the green market folks won't be freezing and wind-bitten for much longer. I recently popped open a jar of beets I pickled with cumin and cloves last summer. That was a wonderful flash of sunshine!
Diana P. March 1, 2013
I overwintered a bed of mâche in my garden for just this purpose - it's going to make some fine salads this month! My two beds of garlic are up, so it's only a matter of time before the first asparagus. I'm ready for spring!
ryanm March 1, 2013
Favorite part of spring/summer: the first day of fall. Not everyone looks forward to warm weather or its foods! I genuinely prefer cabbage to peaches, sweaters to sweating, mulled wine to sangria. And approach the warmer seasons with a sense of dread. I'm not sure what gene I'm missing. But there are many of us out here who genuinely prefer the food and drink of cold weather.