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5 Links to Read Before Making an Icebox Cake

July 31, 2013

Each week, we’ll be sharing a comprehensive list of links to help you master a cooking technique. Culinary greatness, here you come.

Today: Cookies and cream come together in the ultimate no-bake summer dessert.

Whipped CreamIcebox Cake AssemblyIcebox Cake FormationIcebox Cake Formation

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We’re slightly obsessed with icebox cake around here. It doesn’t ask much of you -- just a simple layering of thin cookies and whipped cream, left to chill in the fridge -- but it unfailingly delivers. This retro dessert can be updated with different cookiewhipped cream and shape variations, but the classic combination (Nabisco chocolate wafers and plain whipped cream, formed into a log) is always a winner. Now, start assembling! Just read these links first.

  • If you’re feeling ambitious (or are lucky enough to have AC), bake your own cookies first. (Smitten Kitchen.)
  • Since you’re going the DIY route, next, whip up some cream. (Serious Eats.)
  • A few tips and tricks for reaching icebox cake perfection. (Fine Cooking.)
  • And for the visual learners, an illustrated guide to building icebox cakes. (Chow.)
  • Recipe, shmecipe: how to make any icebox cake in 5 steps. (Food52.)

Icebox Cake

What are your tips for making icebox cake? Tell us in the comments!

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witloof August 14, 2013
I looked at Deb's recipe {via Alice Medrich} for wafer cookies and she doesn't specify dutched or not for the cocoa. Thoughts?
blanka.n August 1, 2013
I've been making this for years. Such an easy way to say you made dessert - always delicious.
Kitchen B. July 31, 2013
Add some vanilla pudding to the whipped cream, some sliced bananas....and you might be on your way to some stunning banana pudding. Me thinks.
Lauren K. August 1, 2013
I like the way you think!