Dark Rye's Butter + Love

November 14, 2013

We are excited to bring you videos from Dark Rye, an online magazine created by our friends at Whole Foods Market. The magazine explores food, health, sustainability, design, tech and social enterprise.

Today: Down home cookies make a Brooklyn neighborhood just a little friendlier.

A 19 year old Kansas girl with dreams of broadway stardom arrives in the Big Apple -- sound familiar? Known for housing people as cold as its winters, New York City can be an intimidating place to settle in. Instead of remaining anonymous in her new Brooklyn neighborhood, Alison Walla sought to bring a small-town level of charm.  Her idea of home meant dropping off cookies for local merchants, we're not talking about your typical slice and bake variety, but rather creations such as: salted rosemary butter with marionberry jam or grapefruit tarragon plum. After enough satisfied recipients persuaded Walla to stock cookies in their stores, Butter + Love became a reality.  Churning thousands of cookies out of an industrial Brooklyn kitchen with hopes to open an inviting neighborhood storefront, Walla is an inspiration to artisans all around the country. 

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Producer: Andy Pickard
Editor: Clive Buckley


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    Ute Gregor
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Lactose intolerant cheese lover, who will walk blocks for a good cup of coffee. Recently escaped the corporate world, after discovering her favorite part of the job was ordering catering.


Bevi November 15, 2013
Great work Allison!
Ute G. November 15, 2013
Great story and glad I watched it.... good luck with your business!!!1
ATG117 November 14, 2013
Glad I watched the video. She seems to have that it factor tht seems to allow some entrepreneurs to thrive. Great brand name too. Amazing it wasn't taken.