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How can I get my products featured in your shop?
If you'd love to see your product in our Shop, we ask that you fill out this fill out this form.
How do I subscribe to your emails?
You can sign up for a Food52 account and subscribe to our emails here.

If you're logged into your Food52 account, you can view and edit your email preferences from your Account Info page. There, you'll be able to choose if you'd like to receive daily or weekly emails from us.

Looking for other ways to stay connected with Food52? Follow @Food52 on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see our latest recipes and newest finds, ask questions, and more.

If you have any trouble, send us a quick email at [email protected] and we’ll be glad to help.
How much is shipping in the U.S.?
We offer standard shipping starting at $9 within the contiguous U.S. The majority of our products are shipped via UPS Ground, although a select few ship via USPS.

If you need something quickly, many of our products are also eligible for express shipping for an additional charge. You can see if your product has this service available by clicking “View Shipping and Delivery Estimates” on the product page.

If something is particularly heavy, bulky, comes in an especially cumbersome package, is perishable, or ships from another country, we’ll note an extra surcharge on the product page and at checkout.

A rate of $30 applies to orders shipping to Alaska or Hawaii. Please note that express shipping is not available to either state. We also cannot ship internationally, to U.S. Territories, or to P.O.Box/APO/FPO/DPO addresses.
Do you ship internationally?
We currently ship within the U.S., to all 50 states. We hope to offer international shipping sometime in the future!
How long will it take for my order to arrive?
On each product’s page, you’ll see a link to “View Shipping and Delivery Estimates.” This tool will estimate how long it will take the product to leave our merchant’s location. Most of the products in our shop ship UPS Ground, and you’ll receive an email with tracking information within 24 hours of shipment. Once a package is on its way to you via standard shipping, it will typically arrive within 1 to 5 business days.
How can I track my order?
If you purchased through your Food52 account, you can look up order tracking through your Order History, or by clicking “Order Status” in the footer at the bottom of any page.

If you purchased as a guest, please use this link to track your order: https://food52.com/shop/lookup-order
What is your policy on returns?
Food52 accepts returns on products (for a refund, minus the cost of return shipping) within 30 days of delivery.* Just keep these guidelines in mind:

1) Your item must be unused and in its original packaging.
2) To get your return label, simply reach out to [email protected] and we’ll send you one right away.
3) If an item is damaged, please shoot us an email with photos so we can take care of it (and let our merchants know).
4) Gift cards, monogrammed pieces, custom furniture, and perishable items (like pantry staples or wreaths) are not eligible for returns.

*We understand that, in light of COVID-19, making returns within 30 days may not be possible or advised. We are closely monitoring the situation and will be making exceptions to our typical return policy as it unfolds. Please write [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns regarding a return you’d like to make—our Care team will be happy to help. Thanks so much and stay well!
What if I've received a damaged item?
Please contact us within 30 days of receiving your order at [email protected]. Include your name, order number, and any photos you can share of the damage—we’ll straighten this out right away!
What is your privacy policy?
Click here to view our full privacy policy.
How do you calculate sales tax?
Taxes are based on your order's delivery address, and whether that address is in a state that has sales taxes. If taxes are charged, they're based on a total calculation for all of the items in your order (including any shipping surcharges). This differs from the tax calculated at a brick and mortar store, so each sales tax total can vary.
Which payment methods do you accept?
We currently ​accept​ Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards issued by U.S. banks, as well as American Express and Discover​. We also accept payments via PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.​ ​We are unable to process payments, or to accept any ​orders​ over the phone, or to accept prepaid debit and credit cards.
Do you store my billing information?
We partner with payment processors to securely process your order payments. We don't store your credit card or billing information on our site—instead, we rely on these processors to do so. For repeat purchases, we use your customer ID to process a payment. If you'd like to delete your customer ID, please write us at [email protected].
How can I contact customer care?
We're here for you! Just send a note to [email protected]. You’re most likely to hear back from one of us during regular business hours, which are Monday through Friday from 10am to 6pm EST, but rest assured we'll be in touch as soon as possible.
How can I redeem a gift card?
To redeem a gift card, you’ll need to make sure you’re signed into a Food52 account. If you don’t yet have a Food52 account, you can sign up for one by visiting Food52.com and clicking the blue "Sign Up" button in the top right-hand corner of the page.

Once you're logged in, click the round profile icon in the top right-hand corner, and select “Shop Credit” from the menu. Enter your gift code, and click “Redeem.” Once you've redeemed your gift card, it will be tied to your Food52 account as a store credit, which means that if you don’t use the balance up in one go, it will automatically roll over to your next order.

Please note that for security purposes, you’ll still need to enter and save a credit card and billing information.
Can I check my gift card balance?
You can check the balance of your gift card at any time under your Food52 account on your Shop Credit page.
Do you offer gift wrapping?
We're unable to offer gift wrapping at the moment because our Shop is drop-ship. This means that each of our merchants ships directly from their workshops, warehouses, and studios all over the US and Canada.

The good news is, there's an option at checkout to add a gift note, and we never include prices on our packing slips—which is great for gift giving!
Can I add a gift note?
Sure thing! You can add a gift note at checkout, and we'll include it on the packing slip.
Can I create a wedding registry?
Yes! You can create your registry here.
Do you offer a stylist discount?
At the moment, we're not offering a discount for stylists and designers. That said, as long as you're subscribed to our emails, we'll let you know just as soon as there's a new promotion or sale!
I run my own blog and love Food52—what's the best way for me to feature your products?
Check out our affiliate program, where you can earn a commission for each purchase you refer to Food52.
How do I redeem a shop promo code?
You can enter the promo code at the top of the billing section on the Checkout page. Just make sure to click "Apply" once you've entered it.

Please note, there's a limit of one promo code per order. Also, some of our promo codes do require you to be logged into your Food52 account. If you don’t yet have a Food52 account, you can sign up for one by visiting Food52.com and clicking the blue "Sign Up" button in the top right-hand corner of the page.

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Site Navigation

How do I save a recipe?
Every recipe, article, and product on the site can be saved and organized into personal collections. Just click the Save button at the top of each recipe page, select a pre-populated Collection or name your own Collection. You can also press the heart icon at the top of the recipe page which will automatically create a Collection of your favorites so you can save things for later. You can access all of your saved items by clicking your user icon at the top right corner of the page and selecting "Favorites & Collections."
How do I print a recipe?
Once you're logged into your Food52 account, you can print any of our recipes or blog posts by clicking the printer icon at the top of the recipe page, just above the recipe photo. If you're having trouble finding it, look right next to the Save button!
How do I find the recipes I've saved?
When you're logged into your Food52 account, you can access all of your saved recipes, articles, and products by clicking your user icon in the top right corner of the site and selecting "Favorites & Collections." Anything you've saved or favorited can be found here.
How do I ask a question about a recipe?
You have two options. Beneath each recipe, you can either write a comment on the recipe page, or you can click the Questions tab to pose your question to our entire community using the Food52 Hotline.

If you go the Hotline route, you'll see that the first field is pre-populated with the title of the recipe you're asking about. Add the specifics of your question to the second field; Add tags (which are a way to categorize your question); Add an image if you wish; Click on "Ask Now," and soon you'll have some answers to your question from our community.
How do I comment on a recipe?
The comment section is at the bottom of each recipe or blog post. Just type in your comment and click the "Add Comment" button beneath the box.

If you'd like to receive additional comments that may pop up about the same recipe in the future, make sure to leave the "Send me emails about new comments" box checked.
How do I edit one of my own recipes?
Under the recipe's photo, you'll find an "Edit Recipe" button that will allow you to edit a recipe you've submitted. Don't forget to save your changes once you've made them!

Bear in mind that recipes which are "In The Test Kitchen" of an active contest are closed for editing to ensure that we don't test one version only to find it accidentally changed on us. Once the contest has concluded, the recipe can be edited again.
How do I upload a photograph with my recipe?
Once you have published your recipe, you will be prompted to add images to the recipe if you'd like. Alternatively, you can return to the recipe page later on, click on the grey "Add Photos" button directly underneath the main recipe image, and follow the instructions to add the new image(s).
How can I edit my comments?
There is no way to do this right now, but we are working on this feature.
How Do I Add a Recipe to the Site?
Along the top of the site, you'll see a "Recipes" button—hover over that, then select "Add a Recipe" in the dropdown menu. You'll be taken to a recipe formatting page, which will walk you through the steps of adding your recipe to the site. When you've finished adding the recipe, click on "Publish" at the bottom.
How do I find Community Picks?
There are two ways to do this: Click on the "Community Picks" link under Recipes in the main navigation menu (on every page of the site), or click on "Recipes" in the main navigation menu, and then click on "Community Picks" towards the top left of the page. This will filter the recipe results and only show you Community Picks.
How do I vote in a contest?
Click on "Contests" in the top navigation bar. If there is currently a contest open to voting, you'll find it in the carousel at the top of this page. Click on this module and you'll be taken to a page that has the two finalists with a "Vote" button beneath each one. Others will see that you have voted but they won't be able to see which you voted for.
How do I access the recipes of a cook I admire?
The universal search option at the top right of every page allows you to search by cook name.
How do I send another cook a message or follow another cook?
You can access both of these options from the cook's profile page. Follow a cook's page to receive updates on their latest recipes and new favorited and saved items in a weekly email digest.
How do I search the Hotline for past questions?
In the upper right corner of every page is a universal search option. Enter your terms and select the area of the site you want to search (e.g., Recipes, Hotline, Articles, etc.)
How do I find Food52 videos?
We're planning to make these even more accessible, but in the meantime you can find them by clicking the "Videos" category header on any video post.

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What is the contest schedule?
Contests are announced every other week on Mondays. You have until the following Tuesday at 6 PM EST to submit your recipe, at which point we start testing! We photograph the two finalists we've tested, along with 3 to 5 additional recipes we loved, which we call Community Picks. We'll announce the finalists on a Thursday, at which point you'll have until the following Wednesday to vote for the recipe you think should win. For more on our contests, see our About the Contests page.
How do I vote in a contest?
Click on "Contests" in the top navigation bar. If there is currently a contest open to voting, you'll find it in the carousel at the top of this page—it will say "Vote: Contest X". Click on this module and you'll be taken to a page that has the two finalists with a "Vote" button beneath each one. Other will see that you have voted but not for which recipe your vote was cast.
After someone wins a contest, is he or she eligible to enter/win another?
Yes, of course! You can enter as many contests as you like, and you're welcome to submit as many recipes as you like. However, once one of your recipes wins a contest, you can't enter it into a future contest. (Nice try!)
How do you narrow down the submissions?
After the submission period for each contest ends, our recipe testers and editors read through every submitted recipe. From there, they choose a list with the highest potential; this list then gets posted to the site in a bi-weekly Community Picks Dibs Calling article. Community members and readers may volunteer to test any recipe from this list, then we'll take their notes and add to them: We'll test as many of our favorites as it takes to find two recipes worthy of being finalists.
Why don't you post the same number of Community Picks for each contest?
Community Picks are like honorable mentions. We simply select recipes we like – whether that means 2 or 22.
How do I submit a recipe to a contest?
For an existing recipe, go to your user account page and click on the recipe you'd like to submit. Click the "Edit" button, scroll down to the bottom and select the option that allows you to submit the recipe to a contest. Click "Publish This Recipe" to finish submitting the recipe to the contest.

For a new recipe, upload as normal, and find the same drop-down menu next to "Submit My Recipe to a Contest" in the edit screen. Hit "Publish This Recipe," and you're done!

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Why do you sometimes reword the recipes?
If a great recipe lacks clarity of technique here and there, we want to fix it so that everyone can appreciate its greatness. We aim for clarity and consistent style, but your voice is important to us, so we preserve the original voice as best we can.
Can I upload my recipes even if I don't want to enter a contest?
Yes, of course! We'd love for Food52 to be the place you store all of your best recipes. Also, we pick two Wildcard winners every week, and one day it just might be yours!
What constitutes an original recipe?
We have a whole explanation on this here.
Do I own my recipes?
Yes, of course! We work hard to share our community's recipes far and wide, so you may see your recipe appear on one of our partner sites after you've uploaded it. If that's the case, it will include a citation noting that it is your recipe and was originally published on Food52. In addition, you can use the recipes you upload to the site in any way you choose. If Food52 has photographed your recipe, please be sure to properly cite the new photograph if you're using it elsewhere.
What if I see a plagiarized recipe on the site?
Tell us! We all have a vested interest in the content on the site being original. When it's not, there's often an innocent reason: Who hasn't experienced the heartbreak of discovering that your grandmother's signature Snicker Doodles actually come from Better Homes and Gardens? Our goal is not to shame unwitting borrowers—please email us at [email protected] if you notice something that feels a bit off.

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Why create the Food52 cookbooks and a Food52 Works imprint when all the recipes are on the site?
A cookbook has a point of view. It has a narrative. And it's a wonderful object. In this case, the book is a collaborative art project containing all of our voices, opinions, creative energy—and, of course, terrific recipes. You can go into your local bookstore, see it on a shelf and know that you have a part in it being there. And, with our Food52 Works Imprint, we'll be publishing a large number of recipes that are new and have never appeared on the site.

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Do you have interns?
Food52 is not currently accepting applications for editorial interns. (We do, however, host Julia Child Fellows periodically through NYU's Food Studies Masters program. You can learn more about the fellowship here.)
I received printed material in the mail from Food52 and would prefer not to in the future. How do I opt out?
We're sorry to hear that! Fill out the form on this page to opt out of snail mail.

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