A question about a recipe: Fig and Blue Cheese Savouries

I have a question about the recipe "Fig and Blue Cheese Savouries" from TheRunawaySpoon. Can i freeze well cooled savories?

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Recipe question for: Fig and Blue Cheese Savouries

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Chefbaltz December 12, 2011
it's not my recipe, but i looked it over and i don't see why you couldn't freeze it. i would let them chill in the frig after cooking and cooling at room temp just to ensure that they won't get freezer burn. also, store them flat with parchment between layers to prevent breakage. the parchment should just peel right off the jam when frozen. so if you need to take them out to serve at room temp, make sure to remove the parchment between the layers and place them on the serving platter/tray before they thaw so that the parchment doesn't stick to the jam centers. i freeze my parmesan shortbreads all the time with no problem.
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