What can I substitute for miso? I only need 1 Tablespoon?

  • Posted by: Bonana
  • December 20, 2011


susan G. December 21, 2011
Other possibilities: hoisin sauce, sundried tomatoes blended to a paste... Decide why it is used in the recipe -- possibly you could leave it out. And about the salt -- miso is very salty, so adjust to taste.
Darlene C. December 20, 2011
Or maybe tahini with some soy sauce?
Vicki S. February 17, 2018
How much please?
bigpan December 20, 2011
There is no real sub, but since it is a small amount try 2/3 soy sauce with 1/3 sesame oil. Remember the soy is adding salt so cut back on any salt the recipe calls for.
Ophelia December 20, 2011
About a teaspoon of soy sauce. Or some vegemite/marmite (probably a teaspoon to start, then taste and maybe add a little more).
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