How to quickly defrost frozen meat



Loke February 14, 2012
Remove the meat from packaging. Place in plastic zip lock storage bag. Remove as much air as possible using a straw and keep submerged under constant running water.
Loke February 14, 2012
Cold water that is sorry.
Monica,Castellanos February 14, 2012
Thanks so much!!!

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la D. February 14, 2012
In restaurants I've worked in we usually thaw frozen meat by placing it in a bowl and running cold water over it. You can turn the water faucet off and change the water every 15-20 minutes. It may seem odd to use cold water, but the idea is to keep meat out of the unsafe (warmer) bacterial growth temperature range. If you're trying to defrost steaks, this won't take too long, if you're defrosting a large roast, it could take more than an hour. Good luck!
Greenstuff February 14, 2012
la domestique, you might want to check out the link I posted too. It's a Harold McGee that recommends defrosting in hot rather than cold water. (It's only safe for steaks, chicken breast, and other thin cuts.)
Greenstuff February 14, 2012
Generally, slowly in the refrigerator. But if you can't, check this out. It may surprise you:
la D. February 14, 2012
I did check your link, and I clicked the button saying I thought your answer was excellent. :)
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