A question about a recipe: Kentucky Hot Toddy

I have a question about the recipe "Kentucky Hot Toddy" from Table9.
How did you do thatch little flame thing on the lip of he glass? Great serving look!

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  • Posted by: Penelope
  • February 26, 2012
Kentucky Hot Toddy
Recipe question for: Kentucky Hot Toddy


susan G. February 26, 2012
Even though I 'saw' the cinnamon stick eventually, first glace always sees the flame.
Thanks for asking the question -- I've been considering doing it.
SKK February 26, 2012
How cool - I saw the flame too until it was pointed out.
lorigoldsby February 26, 2012
Everytime i see it...I see the flame...it took me several tries to see the cinnamon stick!
Sam1148 February 26, 2012
You're not alone penelope. I saw it as a flame too at first look...the word "hot" probably programs you expect that.
Mr_Vittles February 26, 2012
Little flame thing? I don't see it. It might be my monitor. If there is any blue or purple is most likely color fringing.
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