I have a dozen eggs to be used today, what would you do with them?



I love the Joy of cooking's recipe for POPOVERS, so tasty, Also I like to make devliled eggs! Especially with the farm fresh eggs i get every week, once you have fresh eggs like that, you can never go back to the store bought. Lately when i make the deviled eggs, I've been adding some small chopped roasted beets to the yolk mixture and it makes the filling look pink, which makes for a different and interesting presentation.
BurgeoningBaker March 22, 2012
My thought are ice cream, enriched breads (like brioches, challahs), hard boiled eggs, tortilla espanola

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Sam1148 March 22, 2012
I have to ask, why do you have to use them "today".
The best by date or sale by date are guide lines.

Eggs can be good weeks after those dates, in fact for boiled eggs a week or more after the 'best by' date is 'best' for boiled eggs.
steph.luv March 21, 2012
French toast! There's a French toast contest on the food52 website with some delicious ideas
Hagerty March 21, 2012
Frittata for sure
creamtea March 21, 2012
Huevos Rancheros or Shakshuka for dinner! I think there is a shakshuka recipe on the site (middle eastern eggs poached in a tomato-based pepper sauce). Delicious.

Lemon curd. Delicious on toasted English Muffins, melba toast, or in a tart. It will keep for a while in the fridge.

ChefJune March 21, 2012

That only keeps if you can keep your spoon out of it.......
creamtea March 22, 2012
you are right, ChefJune. Easier said than done!
Dana'sBakery March 21, 2012
I would separate them. Use the yolks to make a creme brûlée for tonights dessert, and save the egg whites to make macarons for a later date!!

*macarons yield better results when made with "aged" as opposed to "fresh" egg whites.*
HalfPint March 21, 2012
Make Chinese Tea eggs. Such a great snack. Good in as a ramen garnish too.
Aimless March 21, 2012
Those strangely wonderful sephardic hard boiled eggs. Several recipes if you google. You put them in a dish with a bunch of papery onion skins. Add some water, oil, and a couple tablespoons of coffee grounds. Bake overnight in a very low oven. They taste good and are like nothing else.
SeaJambon March 21, 2012
Angel food cake will take all your whites -- then you can use the yokes in custards or souffles. Alternate whole egg uses: frittata; quiches or any of the great suggestions above! And if your worried that you have enough eggs for two quiches (or more if you make mini's), keep and eat what you can -- freeze the rest for a later date.
susan G. March 21, 2012
From a Feed52 article about the Iranian New Year -- this looks delicious, and takes 12 eggs:
ChefOno March 21, 2012
Desserts: lemon curd, custard pie, ice cream, zabaglione
rt21 March 21, 2012
Make a lemon curd tart
Tokyo B. March 21, 2012
Flan with 3 yorks and 5 whites, coconuts macaroons of Nigella Lauson with 2 whites, a big Spanish omelette with 7 eggs.
bobbie J. March 21, 2012
I saw a recipe the other day for a very wet stew which you finish by breaking eggs on top so that they poach in the juices. I think it was on the food52 blog.. You can do this with a thick pasta sauce like a bolognese as well.
Or, id make devilled eggs with pesto and capers...yum!
passifloraedulis March 21, 2012
Frittata, quiche, chinese egg custard tarts!
kkeiser March 21, 2012
Make an egg bake. You can eat off it for the next few days.
StinaP March 21, 2012
Pavlovas or meringues or a souffle omelette for dinner
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