A question about a recipe: Virginia Willis' Deviled Eggs

I have a question about the recipe "Virginia Willis' Deviled Eggs" from Genius Recipes.
I want to save this recipe to my recipe file, but can't find an icon to click. Help???

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Virginia Willis' Deviled Eggs
Recipe question for: Virginia Willis' Deviled Eggs


CarolinaBeach April 3, 2012
scroll down to the slideshow at the bottom of the recipe. Click on (and save and print.) This will take you to another page with the recipe and a click-able icon to save on the left.
Kristen M. April 2, 2012
Here's what our developers had to say: "We removed this for mobile versions because it was messing up the page when a user was zoomed in. We will try to fix the page so this doesn't disappear. Until then you'll have to use the browser version to save recipes. We will work on this soon."

Sorry for the inconvenience -- for now, hopefully you have access to a computer to save recipes, but this feature should be coming back soon for mobile browsers.
tigerlille April 1, 2012
I am using my daughter's iPod, and my browser is Safairi.
I've had complete access, and have been able to use all the
functions, including saving recipes, during the past week or so,
using the same iPod and browser. I am sorry, but I have a time
crunch, so am responding in this manner instead of an e-mail as
you requested. After the grey banner across the top of the page,
the left hand column is completely blank. Thanks, didn't mean to
cause a fuss.
Kristen M. April 1, 2012
Sorry about the trouble and thanks to everyone for pitching in. Tigerlille, if you can email [email protected] and tell us what operating system (Mac/PC) and browser (Safari, Firefox, Explorer) you're viewing in, our developers can look into the issue. Please include as much detail as possible, i.e.: Are you able to save other recipes? Have you been able to save recipes in the past? Thank you!
hardlikearmour April 1, 2012
What are you using to view the site. My android phone doesn't show the save "button", but my pc does.
tigerlille April 1, 2012
Thanks, but I've done that, and logged in and out a few times too. The left hand column is completely empty on my screen. I thought that perhaPs there was a new field I was missing, but evidently not.
davidpdx April 1, 2012
You may be looking at the "Genius" page. Scroll down to the ingredient list, and at the end of it you will see a link that will take you to the full recipe and an opportunity to save or print it. From that page, then, you will find the "save" button on the left.
tigerlille April 1, 2012
It isn't there!
PhillipBrandon April 1, 2012
Are you looking for "save this recipe," the middle green button on the left?
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