Instead of instant espress powder, could we use shots of espresso? thanks

  • Posted by: Siphre
  • April 22, 2012


Green R. April 22, 2012
Medalia D'oro is a very nice espresso powder to add. I have used it for years and I would recommend it. You can also use an espresso shot as a substitute for the rum.
Amanda H. April 22, 2012
Or you could sub the espresso shot for the rum. If you do add the espresso along with the rest of the ingredients (and the rum), it will make a looser batter, but as long as you don't add more than a tablespoon or two of espresso, I think you'll be ok. The cookies may spread more but that may also be a good thing! Jenny melted all the chocolate when she made hers and this extra moisture had a good effect on the cookies. Good luck!
ATG117 April 22, 2012
Espresso shots will add liquid to the batter and likely throw off the texture. I would just leave it out.
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