A question about a recipe: Shu mai, sticky rice-style

I have a question about the recipe "Shu mai, sticky rice-style" from Nicholas. What should I serve with these shu mai? (Either traditional or just yummy)

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Shu mai, sticky rice-style
Recipe question for: Shu mai, sticky rice-style


Nicholas D. May 24, 2012
Hey Nozlee -- maybe also something sharp and rice vinegar-y (or black vinegar) to cut against the fat and heft of the shu mai. I might do some slivered or grated daikon with rice/black vinegar, salt, sugar. Not complicated but effective.
chairmanhu May 24, 2012
Whoa, I've never had shu mai made like this before. I do agree with the green veg and congee suggestions.

Seeing as dim sum tends to be about small portions of things to share, I would also add some sort of seafood. Maybe clams in black bean sauce or salt and pepper shrimp.
HalfPint May 24, 2012
If you can find it, gai lan (though this would also work with broccoli or asparagus). Steam and drizzle with a really good oyster sauce.

And I also like some jook/congee/rice porridge (cooked with a little bit of dried scallops and ground pork) some chopped preserved eggs, and topped with chopped scallions and crispy wonton skins.
Tony S. May 24, 2012
I would say a green vegg. Maybe green beans sauteed with garlic, ginger, and scallions. Or, roasted broccoli with miso and chilis.
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