A question about a recipe: Luciana's Porchetta

I have a question about the recipe "Luciana's Porchetta" from Aliwaks. Could you use a pork loin roast instead? I bought that by misgtake but will get the shoulder and freeze the loin for another time if you suggest that. thanks for your help!!

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Luciana's Porchetta
Recipe question for: Luciana's Porchetta


dfurlong June 20, 2012
The butcher said the shoulder would be in pieces...guess I will have to try and butterfly it myself:) wish me luck, it's for dinner guests Sat night. First time making it so hoping it will b fabulous!!
ChefJune June 19, 2012
No, you really can't sub pork loin for shoulder in this recipe. The loin does not have enough fat to make the porchetta. Either make something else, or freeze the loin for another occasion.
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