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Vidalia Onion Conserve
Recipe question for: Vidalia Onion Conserve


SeaJambon July 14, 2012
Diana B - your message came in while I was typing above. There really isn't much acid (lemon juice; orange; salt is for flavor, not acidification) and onions are on the wrong end of the ph scale. FWIW: the ink on my Master Food Preserver certificate is barely dry, but it is real.
SeaJambon July 14, 2012
Thanks drbabs for your candor. MommyJones -- best bet for preservation is freezing. You really need a "tested" recipe (like those in the Ball cookbook) that tells you just how long to process and in what manner (water bath or pressure canning) to be sure. Onions are not sufficiently acid by themselves to be anywhere near "safe" -- and the consequence for being wrong can be huge (botulism). For more information on canning safety (what to can; what to freeze; what to dehydrate and so on) I recommend (National Center for Home Food Preservation). Short answer -- if you can this, make sure you keep it in the fridge and use quickly. Freezing should be safe for lengthy preservation.
Diana B. July 14, 2012
It looks to me like it's acid enough to be safe to water-bath can, but it would probably be better if a Master Food Preserver weighed in on the issue.
drbabs July 14, 2012
I'm sorry to tell you that I have no idea. I've never canned anything. Maybe one of the canners will weigh in?
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