A question about a recipe: Chili Chocolate Mousse Cake

I have a question about step 1 on the recipe "Chili Chocolate Mousse Cake" from CarlaCooks. It says:

"Pre-heat oven to 175 C/350 F. Butter a 24 inch spring-form pan, both the bottom and sides. Line the bottom of the pan with parchment paper and butter the top of the parchment paper." Is 24 inches the correct measurement for the springform pan?

Recipe question for: Chili Chocolate Mousse Cake


CarlaCooks July 28, 2012
Sorry, I just saw this question, and man am I embarrassed! Peter is right, I'm an American living in Denmark, and converting from centimeters to inches isn't my thing (obviously). Sorry for the confusion! Truth be told, you can use any sized pan you want, so long as you don't fill it too high. Sorry again for the confusion!
HalfPint July 18, 2012
I think it should be 24cm, which is about 9 inches or so.
Peter July 18, 2012
24 centimeters is 9.44 inches so likely they were using european measuerments. I'd think a 9" or 10" pan would work out just fine. Let us know how it goes!
Peter July 18, 2012
Ah, and now I see that the cook who wrote the recipe, while from Los Angeles, lives in Copenhagen, Denmark so likely she's talking metric.
ChefJune July 18, 2012
9-inch makes good sense. I would gp with that!
NakedBeet July 18, 2012
HAHAHH! Yeh, I figured this was a mistake, maybe a European 24 but not in inches, anyway. I'm going to guess between 8-12", but it would be nice to know which of the 3!
pierino July 18, 2012
A two foot wide springform pan has not been seen on this planet. At least not by me.
ChefJune July 18, 2012
I had to go look up the recipe after seeing your question! WOW! I have been baking for my whole life, and have never heard of nor seen a "24 inch springform pan." I cannot imagine there even is such a thing. If there were, that would be one gigundo cake.

I very much hope someone who has the correct information comes forward with the right size for you. If not, and you'd like, send me a message and I can send you my recipe for Chocolate Mousse Cake in a more manageable sized springform pan.
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