Cooling tart shell in fridge?

I'm making nannydeb's Heirloom Tomato and Mascarpone Tart. I'm wondering if it's OK to speed the cooling of the tart shell by putting it in the fridge. I'm not that experienced with pastry, so I'm not sure if that will upset some ideal process whereby it cools at air temp.

Kristen W.


Kristen W. August 18, 2012
Sarah, you're right. I was impatient and went ahead and put it in the fridge before I got your answer (I was tired and hungry and wanted to eat already!), and it was definitely a bit cardboard-ish. Live and learn. Fortunately my family isn't fussy about these things. I'll take your advice next time!
Reiney August 18, 2012
I'd hesitate cooling a pastry product just out of the oven in the fridge unless you really have to - moisture condensation from the fridge can take away the flaky/crispy qualities, especially if your product is steaming out of the oven. You'll probably find the product will have cooled down in 20 minutes or so.
piano13 August 18, 2012
In the fridge pick the coldest shelf. I would put the pan with tart over a separate bowl of ice, & the fridge if you have space.
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