A question about a recipe: Rosemary-Mascarpone Potato Latkes

I have a question about the recipe "Rosemary-Mascarpone Potato Latkes" from RonnieVFein. Never made latkes before - can I mix up the potato mixture in advance then fry close to dinner time? Or will the potatos go brown and nasty? Thanks!

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Recipe question for: Rosemary-Mascarpone Potato Latkes


louisez December 10, 2012
You might also consider making the latkes ahead of time, draining, cooling, and freezing (put in layers flat on cookie sheet, with waxed paper between layers). To reheat, 350 oven till heated through and crisp (about 15 min.)(do not defrost first). This works well, and makes it easier to serve a group -- and easier for you to enjoy their company.
drbabs December 10, 2012
If you do store them in water, be sure and wring them out really well before you fry them. My stepson made them and wrung them out in cheesecloth first--they were the lightest, crispiest latkes I've ever had.
middleT December 9, 2012
The lemon really helps and tastes good. You can also use cream of tartar, which adds no flavor. Acid in the water helps keep the potatoes white. I've kept potatoes as long as 24 hours that way.
Deb R. December 9, 2012
Mom used to grate them ahead and put them in cold water in the fridge with a squeeze of lemon (not sure the lemon was needed but it tasted good.) The starch settles to the bottom so you have to drain carefully and add it back in our not depending on how you like your pancakes.
Monita December 9, 2012
Potatoes will turn color. You can get everything else together ahead of time but do the potatoes just before you want to fry them
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