A question about a recipe: Reform Jewish Penicillin

I have a question about the recipe "Reform Jewish Penicillin " from drbabs. What are some other uses for this sauce? I have lots left over.

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Recipe question for: Reform Jewish Penicillin


drbabs February 25, 2013
I've stirred it into vegetable soup, and I've poured it over scrambled eggs. I love the bruschetta idea but haven't tried it. The original recipe calls for it in a chicken and vegetable stew that's thickened with corn meal. I think it would add piquancy to beef stew as well. I hope you enjoyed it.
ZombieCupcake February 25, 2013
I would use it like a bruschetta placing it on slicing of a french baguette with cheese and put into the oven to melt.
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