A question about a recipe: Thanksgiving Osso Buco

I have a question about the recipe "Thanksgiving Osso Buco" from QueenSashy. I'm a little confused about how the butcher should cut the turkey...can you clear this up for me? Thanks! Looks great!

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Thanksgiving Osso Buco
Recipe question for: Thanksgiving Osso Buco


QueenSashy April 4, 2013
... definitely take it to the butcher. I had at home experiments that ended up miserably. As Monita explained, just tell the guy you want it cut cross-wise, 1 1/2" thick, so that it looks like osso bucco cut. I usually buy a little bit more and use large pieces only, and freeze the smaller ones for different use.
Monita April 4, 2013
Imagine the drumstick is a carrot and you wanted 1 1/2" wide pieces of the carrot cut horizontally - that's what you want from the drumstick. Best to have the butcher do that because bone is being cut.
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