A question about a recipe: Spring Pea and Farro Soup

I have a question about the recipe "Spring Pea and Farro Soup" from thirschfeld. I need to prepare meals for my elderly parents. Do you think this soup is a good one to freeze?

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Spring Pea and Farro Soup
Recipe question for: Spring Pea and Farro Soup


ChezHenry May 21, 2013
I think the questioner is creating make ahead meals for their elderly parents, and just wants to know if this will freeze well for those purposes. Farro, peas will all be fine in ths situation, and while no food other than ice cream is optimal after freezing, it will still be great!
cookinginvictoria May 21, 2013
Hmmm . . . I am hoping that Tom, the author of this recipe, will weigh in. I am not sure that I would freeze this soup as a whole, but components of it certainly could be made ahead of time and frozen. I would not want to add the fresh peas to the soup before freezing, because you'd want to keep their lovely tender texture intact and wouldn't want them to get overcooked or mushy. You can make the broth and farro ahead of time and freeze them in separate containers, but I would not combine the two together until I had defrosted the broth and was heating it up before serving. Can't wait to try this recipe -- it sounds delicious!
ChezHenry May 21, 2013
Sure. My experience is that Farro freezes well. If you used the brown rice as a substitute, it may be a bit mushy when defrosted, but still fine to eat.
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