A question about a recipe: Saltine Cracker Brownie Ice Cream Sandwich

I have a question about the recipe "Saltine Cracker Brownie Ice Cream Sandwich" from Mandy @ Lady and pups. What is the oven temperature??

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Lindsay-Jean H. June 24, 2013
350ºF/175ºC - the recipe can also be found on her blog here: http://www.ladyandpups.com/2013/05/27/like-crack-er-ice-cream-brownie-sandwich-eng/
boulangere June 23, 2013
Good question. The best idea is to direct-message the recipe's author (http://food52.com/users/108739-mandy-lady-and-pups) and/or the person who tested it as a Community Pick (http://food52.com/users/10300-fiveandspice). On each of these link pages you'll see a tiny envelop directly to the right of the user's name. Click on it, and you'll see an email screen. Simply enter you message, hit Send, then sit back with a cup of tea and wait for your answer.
boulangere June 24, 2013
I'd give my firstborn for an Edit function: envelopE and youR!
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