What is the best way to cook a tri-tip over a campfire

I'm going camping and I'd like to cook a tri-tip over the campfire. What's the best method? Foil pouch? Thanks for your help!

Trena Heinrich


ChefOno August 9, 2013

A foil pouch would be "a" method of cooking a steak -- but steaming would be far from optimal. One of my camping essentials is a small (8" x 10" maybe), lightweight (perhaps an ounce), inexpensive grill. Let your fire burn down to coals, prop the grill on some strategically placed rocks and let the meat sizzle. Don't forget your thermometer and some kosher salt.

pierino August 9, 2013
Amen to that! Also remember that a tri tip has thick part tapering down to a thinner part. Take that into account when you are grilling. Hopefully not in complete darkness.
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