A question about a recipe: Whole Wheat Honey Rolls

I have a question about the recipe "Whole Wheat Honey Rolls" from mommiecooks. mommiecooks, have you (successfully) frozen this recipe? It sounds very easy and your buns look amazing!

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  • Posted by: MrsK
  • August 28, 2013
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Whole Wheat Honey Rolls
Recipe question for: Whole Wheat Honey Rolls

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David August 28, 2013
I'm sorry no one has answered your question. This is not my recipe and I have not made it. You can contact the author through their profile if you want.
I'm not the baker that many on this site are but I've had good success freezing most yeast rolls. Since these are made with only high gluten flour and whole wheat flour which in my experience make heartier rolls (and in the case of the hgf chewier rolls) I would suspect that these rolls freeze as well as almost any yeast rolls would. If you were referring to freezing the dough I would assume you would double the yeast. But the author might have a better answer for that. If you bake them let us know.
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