i still haven't cooked down that dang turkey carcus. too late? food safety worries...

  • Posted by: @jestei
  • November 28, 2010


Nora November 29, 2010
Ditto pierino. I'm not a scientist by any stretch, but I do think that a long slow bubble, or even a few minutes of boiling will kill germs pretty effectively.
pierino November 28, 2010
Agree with all of the previous answers (assuming that the turkey was cooked and the carcass refrigerated).
AntoniaJames November 28, 2010
You could always freeze it, of course. Just break it down into a lot of medium sized pieces, wrap in a bit of freezer paper and put them in a zip-style plastic bag. Then cook them down when it's convenient. ;o)
phyllis November 28, 2010
Haven't done mine either, but it's in a really cold fridge in our garage, so I think it'll be fine until Tuesday. Have to come up with a different soup this year....
Amanda H. November 28, 2010
Totally fine. Get it in the pot before Tuesday.
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