Any tricks for stirring rock hard Tahini?

I have a new jar of Tahini. Great news, except now I have to stir it. I'm not exactly weak, however blending the oil layer with the stiff Tahini paste is a pain. Anyone have any tips for making this chore easier? Thank you!

Trena Heinrich


Crabby G. March 7, 2019
Unless you want to stir it all day, scrape the whole can into a bowl and mix it with your electric hand mixer. It will make it creamy smooth.
Salma December 1, 2019
I know this started as an old post. I needed help and looked it up. Couldn’t fit my immersion blender in the jar. So I tried using my hand held mixer with only on rotary and it worked like a charm!
Sam1148 October 4, 2013
If the jar is the same lid size as a peanut butter jar use this:

Another tip is when you first buy it store it upside down a while...and flip it every time you see it. It'll mix on its own after a week or so.
Greenstuff October 4, 2013
Check out the same question here
PazzoNico October 4, 2013
Or maybe dip the jar in some warm/hot water to loosen it up.
PazzoNico October 4, 2013
No tricks; a butter knife and elbow grease (and patience).

The only other thing I can think of is to scoop the whole thing out into a food processor and let it rip.
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