Thanksgiving casseroles (vegetarian)

A friend asked me to help her come up with a delicious casserole for Thanksgiving. Her family loves carrots, however any vegetable based casserole would be great. She wants to make a casserole because she wants to make it ahead of time due to space limitations in her daughter's kitchen. I'm at a loss so I thought I'd turn to the food52 community. Thanks for your help!

Trena Heinrich


Summer O. October 28, 2013
We make a mushroom bread pudding (add in Madeira), Merrill's butternut squash mac-n-cheese (omit the pancetta) and a vegetable tart of some sort.
creamtea October 23, 2013
I always get complements for this carrot souffle:
Sam1148 October 23, 2013
Try using this as a sun for anything calling for "Cream of mushroom soup" for a vegan alternative. You could make the soup element ahead of time and combine with the cassarole at the final moment.

I'd use that as a base for the classic cambell's mushroom soup "Green bean casserole" recipe. And fry onions with rice flour as a topping.

A green bean casserole is very much a traditional thanksgiving casserole in the US.
LucyS October 23, 2013
Unfortunately I don't have their recipe, but my friends make an amazing carrot souffle for Thanksgiving. I found a bunch with a google search.
MTMitchell October 23, 2013
I've made this several times to rave reviews -- one year I made it ahead and reheated it at my in-laws and it worked out perfectly.
trampledbygeese October 23, 2013
Chickpea curry with potatoes.

(vegetarian friendly) curry paste of your choice, to taste. 2 onions finely chopped. Can of chick peas (drained). Potatoes pealed and chopped into 1 or 2 inch cubes. Can of chopped tomatoes (or fresh). A bit of water. Any other veg you like and imagine would taste good. Any other cooked pulses you like. Cook in oven for 1 to 4 hours, at about 325F, depending on how much time you have or if you forget to check on it. I like 3 hours best. Allow to cool completely before storing in the fridge. Keeps about 6 days. Heat thoroughly before serving.

As to how many of each, I usually go by how many are in the cupboard and how big the casserole dish is. My favourite curry pastes for this are Pataks Vindaloo and/or their Mild Curry paste. Note, many curry pastes contain butter, so may be a problem if the guest list includes vegans.

Even better, if you have a slow cooker, combine the above in the slow cooker. Cook on high for about 2 hours, then low for the rest of the day.

Another good one (if they eat cheese and milk) is the potato, onion, cheese milk sauce layer dish...which I cannot remember the name of right now, but it is fantastic and easy to make the day before.

How about carrot cake?

let us know how it goes.

ZombieCupcake October 23, 2013 Here are a few menus with some different casseroles. Hopefully this give you a few ideas or a little inspiration.
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